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Pesky Excel File Not Opening Again? Repair Excel File Online Now!

Do not trust any random Excel repair tool online when you can get a tried and tested, not to mention trusted, complete file repair solution including the ability to repair Excel file online with Wondershare Reparit.

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You must have heard that disaster strikes at the worst possible moment. Our car breaks down the day of that long-awaited family road trip, the refrigerator stops working in the middle of the hottest day of the year, and so on. Naturally, that all-important Excel file has also chosen not to open right on the day of that presentation! But worry not! We have just the way to quickly repair excel file online in just three steps!

Part I: Understanding File Corruption

Why are we starting with understanding file corruption? Should we not simply get you the best file repair tool right away? Aye, you see, therein lies the rub. To know how to get the best file repair tool to do the job, you must first understand file corruption so that you are enabled to make the right choice of file repair software.

App and System Crashes

One of the most common reasons for Excel file corruption are the Microsoft Excel software crashing on users, and worse, the whole system crashing. Older systems are especially prone to crashing, and Microsoft Office software that has not been updated for years could potentially start crashing if the operating system was updated and the apps are too old now to work on the new operating system reliably. Similarly, if a newer version of Microsoft Office is installed on a very old operating system version, that could cause issues, too. Besides these obvious issues, there are simply random issues that can cause software and system crashes at times.

Files/ System Infected with Virus or Malware

If the system was compromised with a virus or malware, that could cause corruption in your files, any file that it comes in contact with. Particularly devastating infections are those when the malware or virus actively seeks to corrupt all data. Virus or malware could be introduced to your system via the internet, or via an already infected file transferred to the system via a USB flash drive or external disk, or even from a network-attached computer.

As you might have noticed, there are several ways files can get corrupted, and they can get corrupted anywhere from internal disks to external disks. So, the file repair software must be able to recognize the kind of corruption to make appropriate repair attempts. 

Part II: Repair Excel File Online with Wondershare Repairit: Professional File Repair In 3 Steps


Do you want to trust any file repair tool on the internet, or do you want a secure Excel file repair tool online that can get the job done without you having to worry about data privacy? We have just the tool for you.

Your Complete File Repair Expert: Wondershare Repairit

Wondershare Repairit is your complete file repair tool that not only repairs Excel files but over 1000 file formats! This means that you can use Repairit to recover any and every kind of file with ease. Here is why you will find Repairit special:

- Use Repairit to repair Excel files online, image files of any format, office documents, PDF repair, and more than 1000 file formats in total!
- Use Repairit on Windows and macOS, and now you can use Repairit to repair Excel files online, or any other kind of file online! This means Repairit is a true cross-platform file repair tool for everyone.
- The desktop version of Repairit has dedicated modes for Video Repair, Photo Repair, File Repair, and Audio Repair.
- The whole file repair process takes just 3 steps from start to finish, regardless of whether you use the desktop app or the online file repair tool version!

Steps To Repair Excel File Online with Wondershare Repairit (Web)

Wondershare Repairit provides an easy way to repair Excel files online via the online file repair tool available on the Wondershare website.


The first thing when we think about online file repair tools is data privacy. If not, we should. With Wondershare Repairit, your data is safely transmitted via a 2048-bit encrypted connection and all files are deleted within 3 hours. So, you know you can trust Wondershare Repairit to repair Excel file online.

Step 1: Visit the link: https://repairit.wondershare.com/online-file-repair.html in a web browser. This opens the Wondershare Repairit online file repair tool. Click the Add button to add the Excel file to be repaired.

Step 2: Click the Repair button and the repair process will start.

Step 3: Once the repair is complete, you can preview and save the file to disk.

Steps To Repair Excel File with Wondershare Repairit (Desktop)

Step 1: Click File Repair under More Types Repair.

Step 2: Drop the damaged Excel files via drag-and-drop or by using the Add button.

You can check file information such as name, file path, and size once files are added to make sure the right files are being added.

Advanced Feature: Batch Processing with Multiple File Format Support

One of the most important features of Repairit is just how much convenience it affords its users. You can add any kind of file to the repair queue, so that several file formats can be repaired in a single file repair queue, saving you an enormous amount of time and energy.

Step 3: Click Repair. 

During the repair process, the repair status can be seen in real-time. Blink and you will miss it! Repairit works blazingly fast! When done, Click OK on the popup.


Another important feature in Repairit is that it allows users to check the repaired file before they save it to disk, saving them time and effort. 

Step 4: If you are in the file preview window, click Save. Else, click Click Save All and choose where to save the files on the disk and click Save.

Click OK once the files are saved to disk.

Part III: How To Reduce Chances of Data Corruption

No matter how great it is to repair an Excel file online with Wondershare Repairit, your best bet remains that you never have to use it! Data protection and prevention from data corruption should not be an afterthought but built into your everyday computing practice. Here are a few tips to reduce your chances of ending up with corrupt files and data.

Tip 1: About File Handling
When transferring a large number of files between disks, make sure that memory-intensive software is closed, and the system is snappy enough. That way, data can flow smoothly without errors because any hindrance somewhere during processing could cause a misplaced/ missing bit/ byte of data, and an entire file could become corrupted because of that. 

Tip 2: About Handling Storage Media
Electronics are sensitive to heat and moisture. Always keep your electronics away from heat and humidity, especially external storage media such as external disks, USB flash drives, and SD cards that might be forgotten in the car under direct sunlight.

Tip 3: Data Protection from Viruses and Malware
Viruses have long been among the top causes of data corruption, and over the last two decades, malware and ransomware have risen exponentially among the ranks to make it among the top reasons for file corruption and data corruption. You can prevent that by using a reputed antivirus and antimalware/ anti-ransomware solution.

Closing Words

Do not trust any random Excel repair tool online when you can get a tried and tested, not to mention trusted, complete file repair solution including the ability to repair Excel files online with Wondershare Reparit. You can use the web browser version to repair Excel files online quickly, safely, and securely or you can download the desktop version to do much more. Try both versions today!

Wondershare Repairit Free Download:
Click below to download Wondershare Repairit.



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