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‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 1 Recap from Earth to Kepler-22b

Before You watch the second season of HBO Max Sci-Fi Series, ‘Raised by Wolves’, Watch or read the recap of entire Season one in less than 10 minutes

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‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 is releasing on February 3 on HBO Max, but before you begin, you may need to jog your memory about what happened in the first season. HBO Max has revealed a new video (watch above), which recaps the entire season in a few minutes. 

We have also tried our level best to recap the entire season in one article and mentioned every even from the first episode till the last. Read ‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 1 Recap Below:

Hundred-thirty years hence is the time in the universe of the story. Our earth has finally torn itself apart with the warring factions - Atheists and the Mithraic. A clash of religion against scientific beliefs.

This is a story of a mother, a father, their children, and their mission to save the human race. During the war, two androids are captured by the Atheists - One, a service model, and the other, a Necromancer.

Necromancers are the most destructive weapons ever known. The Necromancer is renamed, Mother. The service model is renamed, Father. They are programmed to be the protectors of multiple human embryos. Mother is modified to provide the nutrients and life support to bring the fetuses to term. They're sent to Kepler-22b, a barren planet and part toxic,  covered in deep bottomless pits and giant serpent bones. Populated only by primitive grotesque creatures. But most importantly, perfectly sustainable to humans.

Only one child survived. He is called Campion, named for Mother and Father's creator. "We no longer have any hope of increasing our numbers. There is only Campion and when we break down, he will be alone. He needs to be with other humans. Even if the Mithraic are delusional, he is better off with them than with no one," says Father. So, Campion sends a distress signal to the hovering ark. This brings Mithraic soldiers. Among them is Caleb.


The war is all Caleb has ever known. He'd been fighting in the Atheist army since he was just a boy. Seeing their cause and their planet lost, Caleb and his partner, Mary steal the identities of high-ranking Mithraic dignitaries - Marcus and Sue, ensuring their passage aboard the Ark of Heaven - a transport bound for Kepler-22b, the new Eden. The Mithraic whom they stole their identities from had a kid called Paul.  And they pretended to be his parents.

On the planet, Marcus discovers a settlement, maintained by two androids and a human child. To Marcus' dismay, one of the androids is a Necromancer. She lays waste to the ark and kidnaps five Mithraic children. One of those children is Paul. Marcus is reunited with Sue and a small band of survivors from the ark. Sue is determined to rescue Paul from the androids.

A Necromancer is a killing machine, not built to be a mother. She won't let them pray, and then they begin to get very sick as the other children did. Father learns the food they have been serving is radioactive. Against Campion's better judgment,  Father decides that they will hunt and eat the indigenous creatures instead.

While tracking their way back to the settlement, Marcus hears voices and believes them to be that of the Mithraic sun god, Sol. He proclaims himself the Prophet foretold by the scriptures. The orphan boy who will come to lead the race into the next evolution of humanity. And so, a lifelong Atheist and enemy of the Mithraic, has become a believer and their leader.


Marcus knows Paul will do anything for him, so he asks him to steal  Mother's eyes to take away her power. Paul succeeds, Marcus imprisons Mother. However, Marcus's behavior becomes increasingly erratic. Fearing for her and Paul's safety, Sue escapes with the children.  They leave in search of the fabled tropical zone, an area with a warmer climate, rain, and vegetation. As mysteriously as the voices started, so they ceased. Seemingly abandoned by Sol, Marcus's disciples assume treachery.

Plugging into a discarded simulation pod,  Mother unlocks encrypted memories about her creator, Campion Sturges. She learns that they fell in love and then she got pregnant.

Mother believed her unborn human android baby would be the start of a new perfect species and the future of civilization. Father begins to experience human feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. "I'm afraid I've reached a point of intolerance with Mother, Campion," said Father.

Paul starts to hear voices. He believes that it is the voice of Sol. He thinks maybe he is the orphan boy from the prophecy. Then the voice tells Paul that Sue isn't actually his mother and that she's been lying to him for a very long time.


Mother has visions of a cryptic ritual. It's upon this holy site where she insists upon giving birth. The assailant is in possession of an undeveloped human skull, but one not formally of Earth. It would seem humans have populated Kepler-22b  for centuries, but they are not evolving, they're de-evolving, leading to the conclusion that the prowling, stilt-like creatures are actually a lower form of human. And that is not the only skull that Mother finds. This one appears to be of an android, the idol from her visions. This realization sent Mother into labor.

However, instead of giving birth to the savior of civilization, she issues a serpent. To protect the family from their assumed failure as parents, as well as the serpent, the two fly deep into one of the planet's pits, expecting to burn up in its molten core. But, they didn't, they came out on the other side - In the tropical zone. All that falls into a pit returns from the pit.

In Season 2 of ‘Raised by Wolves,’ Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), together with their family of six human children, join a newly founded atheistic colony in Kepler 22 b's strange tropical zone. But navigating this odd new civilization is only the beginning of their problems, as Mother's "natural child" threatens to push the human species to extinction.



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