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‘Rangabali’ Netflix Movie Review - Worth A Watch

When carefree Shaurya is forced to relocate from Rajavaram to the big city, he faces a perilous road to romance and fresh insights about his beloved homeland.

Riya Singh - Fri, 04 Aug 2023 19:43:20 +0100 4117 Views
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Right from the beginning, Rangabali doesn’t lose its pace. With a good rhythm of narrating the story, we are introduced to all the main characters. Shaurya is our hero who doesn’t shy away from fighting. After realizing that he can be a tiger in his village only, the boy decided to stay in his hometown in the future as well. As he is a menace, his father decided to send him to Vishakapatnam. Another motive behind this exile was that his father wanted to learn him about pharmacology so that he can hand over the medical shop without any tension.

Show being himself, instantly picks up a fight with the wrong gang after falling in love with Sahaja. She’s a medical student and teaches him pharmacology. Things started getting intense in their relationship. The couple was ready to take the next step, but they weren’t ready about what Sahaja’s father’s only condition would be. Here things take a weird turn and secrets of Rajavaram (Show’s hometown) were revealed.

If you like romance, action, and good stories, this film is for you. The movie is an all-rounder and covers the majority of genres. There is good action, great songs, and great acting. I’d like to mention Naga Shaurya, who put much energy into this project. Be it the fight scenes or the action scenes, the energy he has put in is enormous. You can see the result on the screen as well. The cast and crew have done a fabulous job. Though Yukti Thareja had limited scenes and dialogues, she was fine as Sahaja.

We can divide the film into two parts with the first one being mainly about romance and the second one brings the story and is filled with politics and fights. Everyone knows how politicians sugarcoat facts to bring things in their favor, the same is seen in Rajavaram. The film is beautiful and keeps the viewers engaged. With a duration of 134 minutes, my first thought was that it is too long. As I started watching the film, I didn’t realize how time passed by.

Naga Shaurya does magic on the audience. The characters in Rangabali like Shaurya (aka Show), his friends, and the uncle who reaches on his bike whenever a fight is going to happen in interesting. No character seems to be underutilized. Murali Sharma and Yukti Thareja did have many few scenes, but it was their part which was the core of the movie. There are two to three romantic songs in the film where Show imagines himself with Sahaja and they increased the oomph factor.

At the start of the movie, there is a scene in which Shaurya can be seen imagining a fight in VIMS. Whenever he punches someone, we can see the drug and its dose that would be required to heal the injury. This was quite innovative and made the audience laugh at the same moment. You can watch this film to lighten up the mood and since there are no bold scenes, Rangabali is a family entertainer.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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