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‘Rich in Love 2’ Netflix Movie Review - A Chaotic Tango of Clichés

The film follows Teto’s misguided quest to save his tomato business and win back his love, all while stumbling through a bewildering Amazonian dance of clichés.

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 02 Jun 2023 15:46:53 +0100 1581 Views
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Lights, camera, disappointment! Prepare yourself for Rich in Love 2, the lackluster sequel to the 2020 film that left us with a sour aftertaste. Director Bruno Garotti attempts to transport viewers deep into the heart of the Amazon, but instead, we're left stranded amidst a sea of missed opportunities and cringe-worthy clichés. Let's strap ourselves in for this chaotic journey and discover why this film fails to live up to its promises.

Our story begins with Teto, the self-proclaimed playboy, determined to rekindle the flame with Paula, the idealistic volunteer doctor. We find ourselves momentarily captivated by the vibrant culture and traditions of the Amazon community. Weaving through scenes of customs, art, and delectable dishes, the film tries to transport us, but it's like being stuck on a tourist bus with a faulty engine. The glimpse we get into their lives feels superficial, leaving us hungry for something more substantial.

But hold on tight, because the romance factor takes a nosedive into the realm of disturbing. What initially showed promise fizzles out like a damp firework. The chemistry between Teto and Paula feels forced and lacks the spark necessary to ignite our emotions. It's like watching a couple attempting to salsa dance with two left feet—painfully awkward and entirely unconvincing.

To make matters worse, the tomato business and mining crimes crash the romantic comedy party like unwanted guests. Who thought it was a good idea to mix the delicate dance of love with the mundanity of running a tomato cooperative? Certainly not me, nor anyone with a sense of cinematic sensibility. It's as if the film lost its balance, stumbling over its own plotline, and leaving us scratching our heads in confusion.

Oh, and let's not forget the antagonist, the rich man with all the clichéd power and influence. But fear not, dear viewers, for his presence is as impactful as a deflated balloon. The film tries desperately to make us care about his opposition to Teto's cooperation, but it falls flat, much like the antagonist himself. The idealistic speeches meant to move us to come across as hollow and uninspiring, mere echoes of countless other generic rom-coms. We're left craving a formidable rival, a worthy opponent to truly test Teto's mettle.

Throughout Rich in Love 2, we're denied the cozy, nostalgic warmth that usually accompanies a romantic comedy. Instead, we're left shivering in the cold grip of disappointment. The film desperately attempts to tick all the boxes of the genre, but it forgets to infuse it with heart and authenticity. It's like eating a slice of store-bought cake—looks good on the surface, but lacks the homemade sweetness and love.

In this chaotic mishmash of a film, Teto's journey of self-growth takes a backseat, swallowed up by the overwhelming focus on his tomato business. It's akin to trying to appreciate a painting while being bombarded with loud, discordant music. The film loses its rhythm and its flow, leaving us feeling disoriented and disconnected.

But amidst this cinematic fiasco, there is one redeeming quality worth mentioning. Rich in Love 2 does offer us a fleeting glimpse into the vibrant culture and traditions of the Amazon. It teases us with a window into their customs, art, and even their tantalizing cuisine. Though it may be fleeting, this glimpse adds a touch of authenticity to an otherwise disjointed narrative.

In the end, Rich in Love 2 leaves us yearning for so much more. It teases us with glimpses of the rich Amazon culture but fails to immerse us fully. It dances clumsily between romance and business, unable to find its footing. This film is a failed tango, a misstep in the vast dance of cinema. Save your time and skip this disastrous sequel, for there are far better films waiting to sweep you off your feet.

Final Score- [3/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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