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‘Runs in the Family’ Netflix Movie Review - Diaan Lawrenson Steals the Show

The movie follows a former con artist, who confronts issues from his past while forging a stronger relationship with his trans kid on a road trip to get his ex out of rehab.

Vikas Yadav - Thu, 30 Nov 2023 19:51:53 +0000 1171 Views
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Too much of anything can be unpleasant. Be it food, injury, or as Runs in the Family proves even goodwill. Ian Gabriel's film is so gentle, so unchallenging, it could very well be renamed Runs with Kindness (subtitle: A lot of Kindness). The conflicts here are so cute that it seems the bumps on the road are caused by teddy bears. If Runs in the Family were a human, it would have an annoying habit of forcefully hugging everyone. It could have also been an online influencer posting motivational quotes on their Instagram account - the kind of quotes that are so uplifting they leave you puking.

Runs in the Family is not a feel-good film. It's a feel-very-good film. Devoid of a sharp edge (or just edge, for that matter), the movie easily goes down your throat, and it also easily exits your system. Once the end credits begin to roll, nothing lingers. One can say things like, "The real world is already harsh towards transgenders, which is why Gabriel - through this film - provides them a sense of comfort." If that's really the case, then Gabriel, by solacing a section of the audience, lets down the very medium he chooses as the comforter. With Runs in the Family, Gabriel sells something close to utopia. What else could explain the fact that one of the "major" threats here is a possible case of stomach bug before a crucial performance? This concern, too, is instantly flagged as false. Couldn't writer Gabe Gabriel think of two or three solid, nail-biting obstacles?

One part of Runs in the Family is a road movie, and this particular genre gets its charge from the colorful characters that come across the main characters. Gabriel, unfortunately, has no interest in offering this pleasure. He comes up with a woman whose boyfriend used WhatsApp to break up with her, and...well, that's all the "color" she gets. Almost everyone who initially looks at Varun (Ace Bhatti) and River (Gabe Gabriel) considers them a couple or makes an inappropriate remark. No wonder this father-son duo team up to perform in the competition (that dance at a bar could be considered as foreshadowing or something).

The only reason why this film was made is that the filmmakers wanted to preach to the audience. This is why you get lines mentioning a scarab. River dispenses progressive thoughts whenever he gets the chance. Be prepared to listen to things like, "Men touch each other with fists" and "Boys should cry too." Runs in the Family has good intentions; this is all it can give us. Its goodness, though, is bland. Everything is utterly generic, and unmemorable. The film is as light as a feather, but then, towards the end, it suddenly becomes heavy with drama. This shift in tone puts too much stress on the material. As a result, the movie collapses. What should have been shocking feels merely grating. Was the movie trying to be so casual earlier because it wanted to save energy for this climax? The decision certainly didn't pay off.

Bhatti and Gabriel are fine, but it's Diaan Lawrenson who effortlessly steals the show. She has a dynamic, lively presence. You are never sure what she will do or say next. It's a pity that her character receives such an underwhelming conclusion. Lawrenson and her Monica deserved better.

Final Score- [3.5/10]
Reviewed by - Vikas Yadav
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