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‘Sindhooram’ (2023) Movie Review - Discrete Drama With a Message

The journey of a tea seller, and a lady, an MRO, who tackle Naxalism in their village, facing challenges and unraveling the connection between them along the way.

Neha Krishna - Wed, 21 Jun 2023 14:03:37 +0100 2057 Views
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Director Shyam Tummalapalli's debut film, "Sindhooram," starring Brigida Saga and Dharma, attempts to delve into the complex issue of Naxalism in modern times. While the film tackles an interesting subject, its execution falls short, resulting in a partially engaging experience.

The story revolves around Ravi (Dharma), a tea seller in Sriramagiri village, Khammam. His classmate Sirisha (Brigida Saga), the sister of the village head Eeshwar Reddy, becomes a Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) and resolves various issues in the village. Singanna (Siva Balaji) rebels against Eeshwar Reddy and other politicians, vowing to stop the upcoming ZPTC elections. Meanwhile, Sirisha takes on the mission of eradicating Naxalism in her village. The film explores whether Sirisha succeeds in her mission, the connection between Ravi and Singanna, and whether Ravi supports Sirisha in her endeavor.

One of the film's strengths lies in its attempt to shed light on the changing dynamics of Naxalism and the associated ideologies in modern times. Director Shyam Tummalapalli deserves credit for choosing such a thought-provoking subject for his debut film and presenting it in his own unique way. Actress Brigida Saga, in her first Telugu film, delivers a subtle and impressive performance as Sirisha.

Dharma, also in his debut role, showcases promising acting skills, particularly in the climax portions. He effectively portrays a range of emotions, including love, pain, and empathy, in a scene during the second half. Although both the leads show potential, the film would have greatly benefited from stronger performances by notable actors.

The on-screen chemistry between Ravi (Dharma) and Sirisha (Brigida Saga) is portrayed well, thanks to the commendable cinematography and background score. The supporting cast delivers decent performances, although some characters feel unnecessary and underutilized, such as Josh Ravi's character, who adds little value to the story.

However, the film suffers from a slow-paced screenplay in the first half, resulting in a lack of engagement and occasional boredom. Several scenes could have been trimmed to enhance the overall pacing and make "Sindhooram" a more compelling watch. Additionally, Siva Balaji's portrayal of Singanna, a pivotal character, lacks the required intensity, and another actor could have better justified the role. The film also lacks impactful songs, except for one in the climax.

From a technical perspective, Shyam Tummalapalli showcases potential in handling the socio-political drama, but his choice of actors for key roles is questionable. Notable actors could have elevated the film and enhanced its impact. The cinematography by Kesav and the music by Gowra Hari are noteworthy, contributing to the film's visual appeal and creating an immersive experience. However, the film's production values are only average.

In conclusion, "Sindhooram" is an ambitious film with a compelling concept that falls short in execution. While the performances by the lead actors and certain scenes make an impression, the sluggish narration in the first half and underutilized characters hinder the overall experience. If you have an inclination towards serious socio-political dramas, "Sindhooram" may be worth a watch, but be prepared for some moments of impatience.

Final Score- [5/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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