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Slot Themes Based on Top Movies

Online slots are so popular is the level of immersion that they offer to players, providing them with an escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life

John Anderson - Thu, 19 Jan 2023 18:24:26 +0000 1897 Views
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Real money slot games, or as they are also known, online slots are fast becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment for young professionals looking to unwind after a hard day at work.

One of the reasons that online slots are so popular is the level of immersion that they offer to players, providing them with an escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. One of the most immersive slot themes is movies.

Many of the most popular slot games, both online and offline, are based on Box Office topping films and in some cases, more indie and cult classic films. Interested in trying out some of the best movie-based slots on the market?

Luckily for you, we have trawled through the latest slot sites to bring you five of the most enticing film-based slots out there. Read on to find out what they are.


If there is one game you don’t want to play it’s the supernatural board game Jumanji which was first brought to our screens in 1995. Starring Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, and David Alan Grief the film follows Alan Parrish, played by Williams, as the boy who gets trapped in the board game before begin accidentally released 26 years later.

That original film proved to be so popular that a sequel was released in 2017 in which a whole new cast of actors are trapped in the video game Jumanji.

The online slot of the same name is based on the sequel and features all of the main characters including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character Dr. Xander. With an RTP of 96.6% and a sleek user interface, this slot game is guaranteed to keep you spinning the reels.


Jurassic Park

In 1990 Michael Crichton’s sci-fi action thriller book Jurassic Park was published. Three years later a film, directed by Steven Spielberg, was released based on the book, instantly becoming a hit with audiences all across the globe, grossing $1.046 billion at the Box Office.

The popularity of that first film encouraged studio executives to invest in the franchise and a further five films were commissioned between 1997 and 2022.

Slot lovers can get their tyrannosaurus and velociraptor hit by playing Microgaming’s Jurassic Park slot. The main characters in the slot are the legendary protagonists, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and Dr. John Hammond.

Lord of the Rings

Written by J.R.R Tolkien and originally published in 1954, The Lord of the Rings had to wait the better part of half a century before a commercially successful film adaptation was produced.

The first installment in the trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring was released in 2001 with The Two Towers and The Return of the King released in 2002 and 2003 respectively.
Initial concerns that the trilogy would be too expensive to film and therefore not commercially viable were resoundingly quashed when the film budget of $281 million was dwarfed by Box Office revenues of $2.991 billion.

Fans of Middle Earth can indulge their love for Tolkien’s world by playing Microgaming’s Lord of the Rings slot game. Featuring original music, excellent graphics, and a host of immersive LOTR features and symbols, this is one of the best movie-themed slots on the market.

Lion King

First released in 1994 by Walt Disney, The Lion King is the film we all have to blame for first introducing us to gut-wrenching sadness and grief. Not quite following? Cast your mind back to the scene featuring Scar, Mufasa, and the wildebeest.

If you’re not quite familiar with that scene, save yourself the heartbreak and just take our word for it. In 2019, keen to cash in on the success of the original, Walt Disney produced a CGI remake of The Lion King directed by Jon Favreau.

This is the film that iSoftBet used as their inspiration for the slot of the same name and boy oh boy is it good. Graphically it is one of the best slot games you will find anywhere on the market and not only will it have you on the edge of your seat, but it will also have you yearning to rewatch the original and the remake.


Willy Wonka

British author Roald Dahl was one of the most successful children’s authors of the 20th century, responsible for James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, and Matilda to name but a few. Another Roald Dahl hit was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, featuring the enigmatic chocolatier Willy Wonka.

The story has been portrayed on the big screen twice, in 1971 with Gene Wilder starring as Willy Wonka and in 2005 with Johnny Depp this time taking the starring role. In this engaging, 95.9% RTP slot machine we see scenes from the original movie and portrayals of Wonka by both Wilder and Depp.

Can’t get enough of singing and dancing Oompa Loompas? Love the crazy, whacky, and downright dangerous creations from Willy Wonka? Then this is the slot for you.



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