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Some of Our Favorite Celebrity Movie Cameos

From the surprise appearance of David Bowie in Zoolander to Mike Tyson in The Hangover, many celebrity appearances have increased the film’s excitement

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Movies with celebrity cameos are great fun. From the surprise appearance of David Bowie in Zoolander to Mike Tyson in The Hangover, there’s rarely a celebrity movie appearance that doesn’t result in considerable laughs and excitement. And the crazy thing is, sometimes these one-off cameos end up setting up celebrities for a new career in the movie business. Anyone heard of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock? Keep reading for some of our favorite celebrity movie cameos.

Ray Nitschke (The Longest Yard)

Ray Nitschke was regarded as one of the most fearsome players in the NFL for quite some time, which made his appearance as an announcer in The Longest Yard even more hilarious. He led the Green Bay Packers to five NFL championships and two Super Bowls during his career, solidifying himself in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. How the Packers must wish they have him now, as they haven’t won a Super Bowl since 2010, but bettors still tip them every now and then. Check out NFL odds for the upcoming season to see whether they are a suitable choice this time around. It’s a great way to check on the current best teams in the league and have fun placing wagers in the process.

The Rock 

The Rock started his career as a football hopeful before moving into pro wrestling. Although these days he is very much a certified actor in his own right, his first appearances in movies were cameos in the likes of The Mummy Returns. It has been inspiring to see Dwayne Johnson grow more and more comfortable as an actor. Nowadays, he is one of the highest-earning movie stars in the world.

Andre The Giant (The Princess Bride)

Andre The Giant was a wrestler by trade, with his enormous size becoming somewhat of a box office hit during the 60s and 70s. Standing at 7 feet and 4 inches, it’s unsurprising that Andre was called up to appear in films and television series. His best and most famous cameo was in The Princess Bride, where he played Fezzik. Although the film wasn’t particularly successful on its official release, it has since become a cult classic. 

David Bowie (Zoolander) 

Zoolander is one of the most bizarre and unchained films in recent decades. The plot, involving Ben Stiller as a dangerously dumb model getting sucked into a plot to assassinate the Malaysian Prime Minister, is as funny as it is ridiculous. The film also benefits from some unexpected cameos, with the main one being David Bowie. He judges a catwalk-off between Zoolander and Hansel, playing the role perfectly.

Bob Barker (Happy Gilmore) 

Bob Barker was the host of The Price Is Right, the longest-running game show in American history. As a result, people of all ages will at least know his face, which made his cameo in the hilarious, golf-inspired Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore all the more exciting. He plays Happy’s partner in a golf tournament, but things don’t exactly go to plan.

Ed Sheeran (Game of Thrones) 

Although Game of Thrones isn’t technically a movie, the production value puts it on par with some of the most expensive films ever made. And anyway, when you can have a celebrity cameo as big as Ed Sheeran in it, there’s no way we couldn’t mention it. The multi-award-winning musician played a Lannister soldier during the “Dragonstone” episode. Unfortunately, Sheeran received a lot of backlash over the cameo, so we’re not sure he’ll want to return to the big screen anytime soon. 

Mike Tyson (The Hangover) 

The Hangover is definitely a great movie to watch if you’re bored, as comedies rarely get more bonkers and tense than this Las Vegas escapade. Although the movie was always going to be a hit, with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis starring, Mike Tyson’s cameo was a key reason for its continued success. Somehow, the group of friends end up stealing his tiger and urinating in his swimming pool – no wonder Tyson goes after them.

Pamela Anderson (Borat) 

Arguably Sacha Baron Cohen’s most famous work, Borat sees him adopt the moniker of Borat Sagdiyev. The Kazakh news reporter travels across America to learn more about the culture and teach people back in his native country. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events leaves him estranged from his partner, so he plots to marry Pamela Anderson instead. The film’s finale involves Borat attempting to kidnap the Baywatch star before he is detained by security.



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