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‘Spy Kids: Armageddon’ Netflix Movie Review - Honesty Always Wins

The movie follows the children of two secret agents, who must band together to save their parents and the world after a game developer releases a devastating computer virus

Riya Singh - Fri, 22 Sep 2023 04:56:29 +0100 2220 Views
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Spy Kids Armageddon is about two kids, Tony and Patty. They both like playing games. While the daughter is more intelligent than the son, she brings the value of a good heart to the screen. Tony, just like the kids of his age believes in playing unjust.

Their parents are spies and on their anniversary, they decided to tell their kids about the same. The family lives in a super cool home with all the modern technology and despite that, the kids have been allowed a scheduled time to use their devices.

This parental supervision seems a bit too much at the beginning until the real reason is revealed. Their parents Torrez and Tango work as spies and hence, the electronic devices make their position vulnerable as the data can be compromised.

Our villain of the movie, Rey Kingston is the developer of a very famous game, Hyskor. The kids love his game. Kingston aims to control the world with his game. By stealing the Armageddon code which is owned by the Torrez family, he desires to use it as a virus and control every electronic device including the door locks, cards, and other devices.

The kids after realising their participation in making his dream come true are on a mission to reverse the damage by beating Rey Kingston aka The King at his own hi-tech game.

This 97-minute film is a total all-rounder. Be it the animation, action scenes, character development, and the plot the makers all are good. Connor Esterson and Everly Carganilla as Tony and Patty respectively have played their roles very well. Their comedy timing too was perfect. There was a huge responsibility on these kids' shoulders to make this film a success, and they succeeded in it.

My favorite lines in this movie are from Patty and she lightens up the mood. At such a young age, she is the moral compass of the family. The takeaway message from Spy Kids Armageddon is that in the end honesty always wins.

I had questions about kids doing things in a positive direction and adults standing by while listening to their good deeds. It was a lot to take in if we think about how everything was going just as the kids suggested.

The children have a pure heart, which is reflected in Spy Kids: Armageddon, but can the world be as good as we imagined it to be in our childhood? Patty and Tony teach us a lot of things like how things can be done in a better way to avoid chaos. The prerequisites to believing in everything good are several, one being that the person standing in front of you should also have a good heart.

Tony and Patty did transform the villains, but again they’re villains. What does a villain mean? Foremost, they do not have a good heart hence, the chances of them turning into good are nil.

The idea of including the game in the plot was brilliant and unique. With this idea, they needed good animation and they excelled in that. In the last scenes, Tony is scene fighting The King alone. His parents and sister were fighting a single monster while they could have helped. Trusting their 9 or 10-year-old child to beat the villain was at once too much to take in. Then again, it is a children’s film, so we can ignore that.

I think that the kids will film this movie amazingly with all the spy and game plots included. After all, the video games kids play are not useless and can be handy if situations like these arise, the chances of which happening are next to zero. In all, you can sit and watch this with your family and the children are going to enjoy it.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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