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‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 New Working Title Revealed, Full Breakdown [Exclusive]

The fifth and final season of Stranger Things is currently expected to begin filming in early Summer and could release on Netflix by the end of 2024 or early 2025

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The fifth season of Stranger Things is currently gearing up and casting has reportedly begun last week in Atlanta with casting director Carmen Cuba. Season 5 is currently expected to begin filming in Summer and we have got some new information related to the same.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 will be filming under a new working title - “JERICHO,” which is not the same as Season 4 that we revealed in our last report. I was not able to decode the working title and I didn't find any reference to it in the previous seasons. Perhaps Stranger Things fans could be able to figure out what JERICHO means in the Stranger Things universe. However, from the little research I did, a show titled, JERICHO aired on CBS for two seasons between 2006 and 2008. Below is a short summary of the series.

Jericho is a drama that explores what occurs in the town of Jericho after a nuclear explosion. The people of Jericho start reconstruction projects to reestablish the town's power and connectivity to the outside world after the battle with New Bern. The people of Jericho grow wary of their new leaders as the Cheyenne administration attempts to forge a stronghold in the area and wonder why their town is so crucial to this newly established government.

The working title suggests that Season 5 may follow a similar premise where the group of friends has been trapped inside a town after Demogorgans have taken over, and trying to find solutions on how to survive and defeat them to get everything back to normal.

The working title for Season 4 was TARECO. Despite many rumors, we are still hearing that filming for the fifth and final season will begin in early Summer this year in Atlanta, Georgia. Series star Finn Wolfhard has hinted that the series might premiere in early 2025. Wolfhard is currently in London in preparation to begin filming Ghostbusters 5 next month alongside Paul Rudd. Other stars of the show are also busy, Millie Bobby Brown recently completed filming the Netflix movie, The Electric State.

In Season 4, Eleven regained her powers with the help of the Nina Project. She tried to save Max with her powers, but her soul is most probably missing. Maybe, she has accidentally created another problem for Hawkins that could be shown in the fifth season. The teenagers may have escaped upside-down after Vecna was defeated, but he is not dead. Vecna is likely to return with more power and this time the whole Hawkins will be in deep trouble. In the finale of Season 4, Hawkins suffered a major earthquake due to which many people died, and many are living in the camps set up in Hawkins High. Many Citizens of Hawkins were also leaving the city. Snowy Particles of upside-down were falling from the sky of Hawkins in the last scene of the fourth season’s final episode, teasing Season 5 to be more terrifying. 

Now that the bridge between the real world and the upside-down has broken, it might be possible that in Season 5, Demogorgans will be seen roaming freely in the streets of the city and savoring the citizens. Netflix has already revealed the season 5 episode 1's title which will be: 'The Crawl'. After the stellar performance of Season 4, the expectations are certainly high for the final season of Stranger Things.



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