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‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2 Trailer Revealed After Release Date Confirmation at Netflix

The second season of Sweet Tooth follows Gus and his fellow hybrids, who find new strength as they try to uncover the origins of the Great Crumble

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Netflix has revealed the first teaser trailer (watch above) for the second season of Sweet Tooth after revealing its premiere date last week. ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2 will release on April 27, 2023, on Netflix, worldwide.

In Sweet Tooth Season 2, a deadly new wave of the Sick is approaching humanity. Gus and a group of other child hybrids are being held captive by the villainous General Abbot (Neil Sandilands) and the Last Men, a violent mercenary group that hunts hybrids. Abbot uses the children as guinea pigs for captive Dr. Aditya Singh's (Adeel Akhtar) experiments; Abbot wants to find a cure and amass power, while Dr. Singh simply wants to save his infected wife, Rani (Aliza Vellani).

Gus, ever the hero, agrees to assist Dr. Singh, launching him on a dark journey to discover his own origins. He may also learn more about his mother, Birdie (Amy Seimetz), and her role in the events preceding the Great Crumble. In other news, Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) and Aimee Eden (Dania Ramirez) join forces to free the hybrids, forging a bond that will be tested as Jepperd's secrets are revealed.

The cast of the series includes Nonso Anosie as Jepperd/Big Man, Christian Convery as Gus, Adeel Akhtar as Dr. Singh, Stefania LaVie Owen as Bear, Aliza Vellani as Rani Singh, Neil Sandilands as General Abbot, Christopher Sean Cooper Jr. as Teddy Turtle, Naledi Murray as Wendy, Marlon Williams as Johnny Abbot, Dania Ramirez as Aimee Eden, Yonas Kibreab as Finn Fox, James Brolin as the voice of the narrator, and Amie Donald as a new hybrid child.

Below are the first-look images:


The series, based on DC characters, takes place 10 years after "The Great Crumble" wreaked devastation on the earth and resulted in the unusual emergence of hybrids – infants born part human, part animal. Many people dread and hunt hybrids since they don't know whether they are the cause or the result of the illness. After a decade of living safely in his distant forest home, a protected hybrid deer boy named Gus meets a traveling solitary named Jepperd. They embark on an incredible adventure through what is left of America in search of answers—about Gus' origins, Jepperd's past, and the true meaning of home.

Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz co-wrote the script, executive produced it, and are co-showrunners, with Mickle also directing. Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, and Amanda Burrell from Team Downey have also executive produced alongside Linda Moran and Evan Moore as producers. Team Downey is producing it in collaboration with Warner Bros. Television. Oanh Ly has joined as a co-executive producer for season 2.



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