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‘The Cheating Game’ Netflix Movie Review - Unbalanced and Confused

After her unfaithful boyfriend’s sex tape goes public, a content creator begins fresh with the apparently perfect guy who may be concealing his own secrets.

Riya Singh - Thu, 26 Oct 2023 20:43:29 +0100 1834 Views
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The Cheating Game is about Hope and how life treats her after the dreadful breakup. Brian, Hope’s ex was involved in an affair and one day, his video gets leaked online. When Hope confronts him about their relationship, it is evident that the man doesn’t want to put in any effort. Thus, our poor girl leaves her.

The breakup didn’t take too much toll on her as she is a workaholic. Once she finds out about the video, she goes nuts and thinks about what Brian would have said to the other woman. As she was Brian’s partner in the NGO, this also meant that she had no job now. Brian thought that Hope was behind leaking the video.

Searching for a new job, she comes across Miguel on a commute. He was present everywhere, be it when Hope’s phone got stolen or when she was job hunting. The rest of the film is just about uncovering the secrets and realizing that love comes with several disguises. You should be able to understand the intentions people have.

The roundtable scene towards the end of the movie made things worse for the title. I think that the writers didn’t think too much or didn’t spend too much time before deciding on what to show. The result was inferior which changed the direction of the movie. If it was average at first, now it has become substandard.

The title of the movie doesn’t suit its plot as it wasn’t a game but a trick Miguelle played on three grown-ups. It was cheating initially and soon turned into a scandal. A Scandalous Affair might have proved to be a better title than the current one.

The movie's duration is 105 minutes and I think it should have been sufficient for the writers to make their stand clear. What were they trying to portray? The love story of a toxic man who leaked the sex video of his ex out of pure jealousy doesn’t sound like a man who is capable of anyone.

Miguel’s character is shady and it is infuriating to see the writers attempting to show his love story. It was disgusting, and I have no idea why they chose it as the movie's plot at the place. The Cheating Game is not about cheating but about men who dare to prove that they’re capable of love after leaking someone’s privacy online and becoming a stalker.

The movie is too much and in the last 30 minutes, you realize that it was a waste of time. I had my doubts about Miguel being the one who leaked the sex tape, and the writers also gave several hints about the same. Like how he appeared out of thin air in Hope’s life and wanted to be her rebound.

All of this was too much and Miguel’s character was the lead one, not even Hope’s. After watching the ending, my views about the title are awful. I don’t consider the film even a one-time watch as it might send the wrong message to society.

Final Score – [2/10]
Reviewed by Riya Singh



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