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The Evolution Of Television: How Streaming Services Are Changing The Casino Industry

Why are streaming platforms good for the gambling industry? What impact do they have on gambling entertainment and how do they help attract an audience? Review of the main influencing factors

Emilia Robinson - Thu, 18 May 2023 09:54:20 +0100 2252 Views
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When was the first television released? Few people suspected it would lose popularity in just a few decades. Millions of viewers, who used to spend hours in front of TV screens, have now moved to a new level - to streaming channels and iGaming. The most high-quality gambling leisure is presented in the best online casinos in Slovakia; just discover the toplist here, and you will immediately get a review of the best sites. Among the streaming channels, Netflix, Uscreen, Twitch, and Disney+ are particularly prominent and top-rated.

What is the secret to the success of both options? It is all about the development of Internet technologies, which have reached a large part of the audience. If you have to wait for the time of the show on TV, it is easy to get the desired content at any convenient time on any streaming platform. It is the same with online casinos - anyone can run an Aviator casino game slot and try out in demo mode before registering and depositing.

It remains to understand if there are any points of intersection between the streaming platforms and the gambling industry and how they influence each other once they are in the Internet space. The well-known iGaming expert, who can be found at https://www.slotsup.com/author/viacheslav-korobkin, helps us to conduct this analysis.

What Is A Streaming Platform And How It Works

Before looking for parallels, it is worth considering what a streaming service is all about. It is a service provided on the Internet which allows you to watch any content - movies, TV shows, music, streams, without preloading in a streaming broadcast. You must register and pay a subscription to use the service. In this case, some channels offer a test version for a few days so that the user can evaluate all the platform's benefits.

The advantages of streaming services are:

●    fast access to your favorite movies and streamers;
●    unlimited content, according to the subscription;
●    different package options for each audience;
●    Internet and payment for the service are enough to launch it.

Netflix and Spotify were pioneers in this field and paved the way for other platforms that appear almost daily. You can learn more about the famous music channel at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotify, which tells the story of its emergence and many interesting facts. 

The Path Of Development Of The Casino Industry


In turn, gambling has undergone a parallel transformation. The previously popular land-based casinos are now losing their visitors who are going online. Virtual platforms attract generous bonuses, the possibility of preserving anonymity and betting in the comfort of a home armchair instead of a noisy casino and restless players at neighboring tables.
Modern computer technology allows you to transfer impressive visual effects during spins and bonus sign rolls, which were able to replace the bright lights of the classic casino.

How Streaming Services Are Changing The Casino Industry

At first glance, the two industries are little related. But there are plenty of points of intersection that influence both sectors.

Movies about casinos

Viewing movies on streaming platforms about casinos, viewers become imbued with the theme of gambling, big money, and huge winnings. Loyalty to the gambling industry increases, and a desire to experience feelings similar to those of the film's characters emerges.

Advertising & Marketing

Many online casinos cooperate with streaming services, running their ads before watching the artistic content. It is a great marketing tool, as millions of users subscribe to platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and other channels.


The well-known Twitch uses about 10 million people every day to broadcast gameplay. Many companies that own online casinos run live slot spins, and live casino roulette, and create collaborations with famous streamers.

It is worth noting that there is a risk of a decrease in the gambling audience due to the popularization of streaming platforms. It is because such services have already negatively affected cinemas and television, taking more and more users to their platforms. Screens are now only used for playing streaming video on tv, not for watching your favorite TV channels. But this is a very indirect assumption, as there are many more positive impacts.

How Else The Streaming Service Can Affect The Gambling Industry

Considering the main points, we should remember other factors of streaming platforms' influence on iGaming. Let's name some of them:

1.    Live casino. The first attempts to hold slot games live had a different effect. It was due to the imperfection of the display technology, which needed higher quality. Today, thanks to video streaming technology, live broadcasts have become easy and accessible to everyone. Every reputable online casino has a "Live" section that allows you to play roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and more through a quality streaming stream.
2.    Targeting. So that advertising would reach its target audience, you had to rely on standard advertising methods - TV commercials and print publications. Today, directing the message to the target audience is much easier thanks to streaming services, where you can select the audience by age, preferences, and country.
3.    Promotion of content. Cooperating with famous streamers or creating your channel on the streaming platform, it became easier to promote the content by demonstrating gaming software, explaining the rules, specific slots, etc. Since millions of people visit well-known platforms, advertising will be much more effective with less financial investment. By running a game on streaming, the casino clearly shows the gameplay, which will interest the viewer.

More points of intersection have a significant impact on the gaming industry. But even those listed are enough to understand how vital streaming services are for the online gambling sector.

Are Television And Cinemas A Thing Of The Past?

The emergence of the Internet and its spread to the masses has impacted all business sectors. Read when exactly the breakthrough to the masses occurred at https://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/10/29/kleinrock.internet/index.html/. The progress did not bypass the gambling industry and quickly adapted to the new conditions. In contrast to the streaming platforms, which are becoming increasingly numerous daily, the television sphere remains in its niche and needs improvement.

Of course, many viewers still prefer to watch TV channels rather than pay for subscriptions on platforms. Meanwhile, television is also moving to a paid format - packages of cable channels or satellite TV.

As for cinemas, they retain their popularity due to the unique atmosphere, a trip for an experience you can't get at home. But they have also noted a decline in profitability in recent years when movies have become more accessible due to streaming channels.


Progress does not stand still, so it is essential to keep up with its development to survive today. With the right approach, streaming platforms can positively impact the gaming industry if all the available opportunities are appropriately managed.

New services regularly appear, and many become popular among a broad audience. The more platforms there are, the greater the impact on the gambling industry because the two areas are connected.



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