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‘The Girl in the Mirror’ (Alma) Netflix Series Review - A Perfect Horror Thriller

The series follows Alma, who struggles with her memories and tries to unravel what happened that day after a horrific accident that kills most of her classmates

Riya Singh - Fri, 19 Aug 2022 19:52:17 +0100 17010 Views
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Eighteen school children go on a trip to the mountains to celebrate their final year at high school. What follows is something that they could have never imagined even in their nightmares.

In the beginning, it becomes clear that this is going to be a horror story. The narration part forces the audience to know the reason behind why all of this was being said. An almost dead girl is seen lying on the grass and, after that, the series takes the audience eight hours before the incident.

The teenagers were enjoying themselves at a party while “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd was being played in the background. Alma, the main character wasn’t happy with what was going on. She misses her sister Lara who died six months ago due to a brain tumor. Alma’s best friend Deva convinces her to join them at the games they were playing. When Alma kissed Deva’s love interest, Tom, Deva gets offended and says some very mean things about Lara. Here, the game ended as the school children didn’t want more nasty things to be said.

Deva goes missing and everyone steps out into the mountains to search for her. The next day they had to leave and return. Carlos, their bus driver denies driving the bus as a thick fog was covering the roads, which made it too risky for them to reach their destination. Eerie sounds were heard, and it was as if these sounds were warning their group not to move forward. What follows is an accident that changed everyone’s lives.

Just name the theme and it is present in The Girl in the Mirror. It has romance, mystery, horror, and thriller elements in it. Folklore about Therion and his five shadows forms the core of the series.

The bus accident scene in the initial episode is so close to reality. We see the beheading of the school children, their shouting, and lots of blood which makes it a sensitive scene to watch. People who have past traumas related to accidents should skip this part.

The actors excellently played their roles. Beautiful scenes of the mountains have been shown in the pilot episode. The viewers will not be able to guess the plot of the series by just watching the first episode itself. The second episode’s starting provides a little hint, and still, the audience will have a hard time guessing that. The creators have been successful in keeping the people on the edge of their seats through the mystery and supernatural elements present in the series. The sound effects of the eerie rasping and the shadows feel so real. 

In my opinion, it is a great series to watch for the fans of horror-thriller, and also for the fans of the genres that I mentioned earlier. This series nurtures the demands of a huge audience and will not fail to impress them. The mystery unfolds bit by bit with each passing episode, which makes the audience crave for more. With a total of nine episodes, The Girl In The Mirror is an appreciable watch.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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