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‘The Power’ (2023) Episode 8 Review (Just a Girl) - Murder, Manipulation, and Mayhem

The eighth episode sees secrets and lies unraveling, as tensions reach a boiling point with Allie’s true identity exposed and Tatiana committing a shocking act of violence

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 05 May 2023 11:47:54 +0100 2338 Views
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Welcome to "The Power," where the rise to fame is as unpredictable as a rollercoaster ride. In this latest episode, tensions are high, and the characters' flaws are laid bare for all to see. We witness Allie's deception unravel, Rob's trauma resurfaces, and Jos and Matty's political differences cause a rift. As the plot thickens, we see that even those with power can fall from grace.

As the latest episode unfolds, we are immediately thrown into Allie's ascent to fame. However, Roxy is quick to catch on to the facade and is the first to unmask her as a fraud. While this drama unfolds, the tensions within Margot's family also become more apparent. Rob, who witnessed a man set himself on fire, is deeply affected by the trauma he experienced.

Meanwhile, Jos and Matty's opposing political views spark a rift between them, highlighting the family's fragile relationships. Things take a turn for the worse during the filming of Margot's campaign video, and their camping trip becomes a battleground for their unresolved issues.

Tunde, the ambitious journalist, and Declan, his trusted cameraman, venture to the Palace to conduct an interview with the enigmatic Viktor and his wife Tatiana. However, their task is not without obstacles, as Tunde's controversial status puts him in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Allie's true identity is exposed on national television, and chaos ensues within the church.

Sister Veronica, a devout member of the congregation, attempts to report Allie to the authorities, but Allie's powers prove too strong for her to resist. Shortly after, Veronica begins to experience mysterious symptoms, including bleeding eyes, prompting speculation that Allie is somehow responsible for her sudden illness.

As the church members debate Allie's future, tensions continue to rise. Some members view her as a killer, and Allie recounts her troubled life and how God spoke to her when she gained her abilities, asking the congregation to call her Eve. However, some of the serious scenes fall flat, and the dialogue could be stronger.

So get this, the episode ends with Tatiana doing the unthinkable - she straight up kills her husband, who just so happens to be the Moldovan President, Viktor Moskalev. And you wanna know why? Because the dude kicked her dog and insulted her sister! But wait, it gets crazier - she decides to frame her own stylist, Solongo, for the murder.

This episode we just witnessed has some flaws, no doubt about it. But hey, it still manages to give us some thrilling moments that keep us on the edge of our seats. The tension between the characters is brewing up and making us wonder what will happen next. But let's be real, the show needs to step up its game and tighten its narrative. Creating more impactful scenes could keep us hooked for good.

"The Power" brings a unique angle on power dynamics and female empowerment, but lately, it's losing its storytelling charm. We need to see more depth and development in the characters' personalities. As their flaws are exposed, we want to be invested in them. Let's hope the show creators focus on storytelling because if they do, we could have a real jaw-dropping show on our hands!

Final Score - [6.5/10]



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