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‘The Upshaws’ Part 4 (Season 4) Netflix Review - Ageing Like Fine Wine

In Season 4, The Upshaws’ disarray continues as they look for new methods to deal with their problems while still figuring out how to stay together as a family.

Riya Singh - Sat, 19 Aug 2023 08:56:01 +0100 2275 Views
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The best thing about The Upshaws is that it never fails to make its audience laugh. This season did have a slow beginning owing to the repetitive things surrounding Regina, but after episode 2 the ride was smooth. We see that this season is more financially laughable. We get to see things that we didn’t even imagine till part 3.

Regina had been gone for a while. At the end of part 3, we saw how she was going to leave for college but never did. She took some time off for herself after she suffered from a heart attack in her kitchen. ENhoying the luxuries of Lucretia’s home and going to therapy had been her schedule. The Upshaws were a mess without her and she was being missed dearly. The house was out of groceries and nothing was in order.

Lucretia tried her best to help in the situation but what helped the audience most was her sense of humor. Remember how if any Upshaw had some monetary problems they went to Lucretia for help? Well, this won’t be possible now as she’s hell broke and Bennie might be having the best time of his life. Watching the old woman crying to cope with her situation and not telling anyone was initially heartbreaking. Knowing Lucretia, she is going to sort the problems out even if it involves selling the garage.

We also get to see Bennie’s mom this season who’s nothing short of a spammer. If you ever find something missing with her presence around, there is no need for second guesses as your thief’s identity doesn’t have possibilities. The woman knows the art of stealing without getting caught. She even can get her son beaten up for some cash.

Aaliyah and Maya’s lines are also impressive. The way these young girls are pulling the humor so effortlessly makes me wonder about the great actresses they’re going to become in the future.

In all, the fourth part of The Upshaws was refreshing. With the passing season or parts, the plot of the series usually becomes stale, but the writers of The Upshaws know how to keep their content fresh and entertaining. I just will complain that this part had a slow beginning other than that, it was a smooth ride. The series though is fabulous in comedy but it also doesn’t shy away from discussing important issues like the burden a woman feels despite doing everything.

There’s a scene in the second episode of the fourth part of The Upshaws. In this, we see Regina breaking out. Bennie accused her that instead of therapy she was on a vacation. The woman didn’t react her first, but her meltdown touched hearts. This one has to be among the best scenes of the series till now. The way she expresses the burden of always being the best is relatable.

The Upshaws is a great comedy series that knows how to keep things minimal yet effective. There are no lavish sets or costumes, but the weapon with which they target the audience is the quality of their content. This part has just six episodes with a duration of 26 minutes each.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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