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‘The Upshaws’ Part 5 (Season 5) Netflix Review - The Comedy Drama Continues

The Upshaws are both blessed and worried as they enter a new season of ups, downs, and life upheavals. Whatever happens, family comes first, last, and always.

Riya Singh - Thu, 18 Apr 2024 22:05:52 +0100 811 Views
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The last season of The Upshaws left the audience with mixed feelings. Lucretia being broke came out as a shock as no one can loathe richness more than her. The ‘Bitchy Rich’ title given by Benny suited her, however, now she's poor. Finding ways to make ends meet, Lucretia is caught up in making difficult decisions for her life.

It can be either being homeless or being a bad sister, there's no choosing both. So, it came as a shock when she decided to keep the garage. There are many flying jokes made in the initial episodes about how she sold her building and decided to keep on the family business.

The season is mainly carried by Lucretia and she is the best character so far in the show. You watch her enjoying her life to the fullest yet giving others a hard time. Though Regina is the sensitive and intelligent one among the sisters, she has to bear a lot due to her husband.

Benny being the cheap one does nothing and keeps on dreaming about things he can't ever achieve. Take for instance the electric vehicles whose business he gladly offered to another shop for free parking. How can this man be in charge of a family? We can't blame him as the man lacks a mindset. At the same time, the audience can't deny that he has a heavy presence on screen and it's he who knows how to turn any serious conversation into a humorous one.

The tone this season shifted from sensitive to playful. When Lucretia decided to marry Frank, it came as a surprise, and the reason behind it could be his fortune. Though the old lady isn't ready to accept it, the audience knows how smart she can be. Regina tries to tell her that this is wrong, but when does Lucretia ever pay anyone's words attention?

The good thing about The Upshaws is that it never relies on a single plot to carry the story forward. Multiple things are happening at a single point and somehow each one of them shines out brilliantly. With just six episodes each being 25 minutes long, this makes a perfect match for some popcorn and giggles.

In my opinion, the show is doing a fabulous job of keeping the audience entertained. There come many moments of doubt when a show continues for so many seasons, but this one surely stands out. Every character whether they have a small or consistent role has performed well. If one line has to be said about the cast, it's that they never miss the timing. The delivery of dialogues is par excellence, and this season in particular didn't have any dull moments.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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