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The Walking Dead Season 10 finale Battle Scenes are Going to be Legendary: Norman Reedus

Bradley - Wed, 27 May 2020 21:49:51 +0100 859 Views

Coronavirus has stopped many things and among it, was one of the popular show "The Walking Dead". After watching 15 episodes of season 10, the fans have been left in the limbo with no update on the season's finale but we are receiving a message now, according to the cast and crew of The Walking Dead, the wait for season 10 finale wil be worth it.

Even though filming was completed back in November 2019, the AMC drama was unable to finish complicated post-production special effects on its season finale. That means the season finale that was originally intended to air on April 12 still remains in scheduling limbo.

Whenever it does air, the finale promises to play out on a grand scale. “We will see more of the epic conflict we've been witnessing all season,” teased showrunner Angela Kang. “It’s going to be a big massive episode,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan told in a chat with entertainment media EW, while episode director Greg Nicotero added, “It’s a really amazing episode. I love the way episode 15 ends where you see Beta bringing the herd to the tower where everybody is holed up. There’s a lot teed up, so to speak.

Indeed, the last scene we saw in the 15th episode was Beta leading his horde of walkers and Whisperers straight to an abandoned hospital where Negan, Gabriel and remaining people from alexendria & hilltop are hiding. And if there was any doubt that a confrontation is on the horizon, Norman Reedus is here to clear it. “It's going to be an epic battle, It’s like a full-on Game of Thrones super war battle” says Reedus.

Reedus says episode 16 is one that taxed not only the characters but the actors who play them, as well as the crew. “It was a lot of fun to shoot, but we really pushed the crew and pushed the actors on that one. Everyone really had to dig deep because... talk about exhausting episodes! There were huge battle scenes until the wee hours of the morning consistently, and it looks so grand on an epic scale. Those battle scenes are going to be legendary.

This isn’t the first time the cast and crew have been pushed to the brink on The Walking Dead. “They really stick it to us on that show, But it always pays off. This show will go down in history. And I feel like every time we get to a finale or even a mid-season finale, we could be in over our heads, but there's a confidence there and everybody really brings it” says Norman.


Yet the real question remains: When The Walking Dead finale is going to air?

News Source:EW

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