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‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 6 Preview Teaser - Egwene to Escape?

The sixth episode of the second season will see Egwene fighting for survival as Nynaeve and Elayne plan her rescue. ‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 6 releases Thursday, September 21 at 8 PM EST

Bradley - Thu, 21 Sep 2023 06:21:29 +0100 4039 Views
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The fifth episode of The Wheel of Time has some shocking moments especially when Liandrin handed Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne to the Seanchan and their commander Suroth. It is very well known that Seanchan doesn't treat people who can channel, very gently. The other two somehow manage to escape, but Egwene gets caught and is barred from channeling with a lock around her neck.

However, the last episode also shows that the invasion of a small village by Seanchan led by Suroth and the Forsaken Ishamael didn't go well with their true leader Turak, who was unhappy that he was not in the loop and his advice was ignored. He immediately held Suroth responsible for this and demoted her by cutting her long nails. Later, Ishamael gifted Turak the Horn of Valere while Suroth also took back her position by giving him Egwene, which can be used as a powerful channeling weapon.

The episode ends on a big cliffhanger when Rand decides to sleep after Moiraine asks him to do so. As soon as Rand sleeps, he wakes up in a dream where he is attached and tied to a wheel in the wasteland with Selene aka Lanfear sitting in front of him.

The sixth episode trailer revealed by Prime Video majorly focuses on Egwene as she struggles for her survival after being locked in a dungeon without her powers. The teaser suggests that Egwene will be enduring a lot of physical and psychological pain fighting Seanchan's plans. However, the end of the trailer clearly indicates that Egwene may be strong enough to break the lock around her neck while also destroying anything thrown towards her. Meanwhile, Nynaeve and Elayne have found a new ally in Ryma. The trailer gives a hint that all of them will fight together to get Egwene out of that place and escape the place together.

The trailer doesn't reveal anything about the fate of Rand and Moiraine, but surely it will be the most intriguing part of the sixth episode titled, "Eyes Without Pity." ‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 6 will be released on Friday, September 22, 2023, at 12 AM GMT or on Thursday, September 21 at 8 PM EST.

Rafe Judkins is the showrunner along with an executive producer. Red Eagle Entertainment's Larry Mondragon and Rick Selvage, Radar Pictures' Ted Field, and Mike Weber, Darren Lemke, Marigo Kehoe, and Uta Briesewitz will also serve as executive producers. Rosamund Pike serves as Producer and Harriet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson as consulting producers. The Wheel of Time is co-produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television.



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