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‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 7 Preview Teaser - Dragon Reborn Faces Amyrlin Seat

The seventh episode of the second season will see Rand and Moiraine having an audience with Amyrlin Seat. ‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 7 releases Thursday, September 28 at 8 PM EST

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The sixth episode of The Wheel of Time was mainly about Egwene trying to resist the torture by the Seanchan sul'dam, Renna, who is trying to explain the life of a damane to Egwene, using violence as a lesson.

Nynaeve and Elayne were planning the rescue of Egwene along with Ryma, who came to the town to investigate suspicious activities. Ryma wanted to send Nynaeve and Elayne back to the White Tower to expose Liandrin, but when they refused to go without Egwene, she joined them to help rescue her. But the whole plan falls apart when the Seanchan arrive. Ryma asked Nynaeve and Elayne to remain hidden while she and her Warder Basan tried to face the Seanchan. Basan gets killed, while Ryma is collared as a damane and captured. I am not sure if the Seventh episode titled, "Daes Dae'mar," would shed some light on Ryma's fate.

While inside the captivity, Egwene finally gives up to the torture by Renna and pours the water in the glass, submitting to her role as a damane. Egwene is now broken up, but is she still going to try to plan her escape? There might be some hope still left as the woman in the cell next to hers whispers that she lasted longer than a sitter of the Blue Ajah. The woman is revealed to be Maigan.

Meanwhile, Rand unites with Mat in Cairhien as per the plan of Ishamael who tricked them into visiting the town. Rand is aware of Egwene's captivity and he wants to save her, but he also fears that this is what Ishamael wants and by doing this, he might be falling into his trap further. But he tells about to Mat, who insists to go and save Egwene. Both agree to leave together as Mat leaves to get Min. But as he reaches, Min informs Mat about her vision where he kills Rand as he decides not to go back to Rand, who is waiting for him.

Lan travels with Alanna and her Warders, in order to return to the White Tower, but Lan needs permission for himself, as he and Moiraine were banned earlier. In the night when Lan was silently departing leaving them behind, he was caught by the Warders, and Lan was forced to tell them that he and Moiraine have found the Dragon reborn. Later, Lan stops the carriage of Siuan as he tells her about Moiraine. The next day they visit Cairhien City where they find Rand and stop him from leaving it.

The seventh and penultimate episode teaser (watch above) shows Rand getting an audience with Siuan (Amyrlin Seat), along with Moiraine as they try to convince them about the upcoming threat. Rand and Lan are also shown to be not getting along while Moiraine seems very desperate to convince Siuan. Later in the trailer, we also see that the city of Cairhien is under attack, not clear by whom, but if it's not just someone's vision then there could be plenty of action waiting to happen in this episode.

However, the most intriguing and suspenseful part wasn't shown in this promo. What's next for Nynaeve and Elayne after their plan to rescue Egwene has completely failed? Will they go back to White Tower and expose Liandrin or wait for someone to rescue all of them? Although throughout the series, it has been told that Elayne has powers like no other, and she is probably ten times more powerful than any Aes Sedai residing in the White Tower. But can she channel that power and risk it to rescue Egwene? Probably, Episode 7 or the finale can give us this answer.

‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Episode 7 will be released on Friday, September 29, 2023, at 12 AM GMT or on Thursday, September 28 at 8 PM EST.



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