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‘Thiruvin Kural’ Netflix Movie Review - Killing for Blood

The movie follows a man with hearing and speech disabilities, who is drawn into danger when a ruthless gang starts targeting his injured father at a hospital

Riya Singh - Fri, 12 May 2023 20:14:10 +0100 5462 Views
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Thiruvin Kural is a Tamil action thriller and psychological film produced by Subaskaran and written/directed by Harish Prabhu. In the lead roles, we have Arulnithi, Aathmika, Bharathiraja, and others. The movie is set in Chennai. 

Thiruvin Kural starts with Shrami walking in the dark with four men after her. It is not revealed why they were after her, but the villain’s entry was fabulous. He stepped out of the auto, smoking a cigarette with a gaze that meant danger. That is when I realized that he is the perfect villain for this movie. Thiru, the uncle of Shrami has speech and hearing disabilities. He’s going to be married in two months with Bhavani. They both form a lovely couple. One day at the construction site, Thiru’s father Marimuthu gets injured after a cement bag fell over him. The father was immediately rushed to the trauma center of the government hospital in Chennai.

The hospital is a complete nightmare as the people working there aren’t dedicated to saving people’s life. The four men at the hospital are goons indulged in extracurricular like robberies and murders. Whether it be a pregnant woman or a small girl, they’ve spared none. If there’s money and they know about it, no one’s safe. The hospital’s mortuary is used by them for their cover-ups. These four men even have the guts to kill people in the hospital during working hours. The liftman Aarumugam, a ward boy, the security guard, and the morgue worker are devils in the uniform of hospital staff.

Thiru crosses paths with them after the liftman Aarumugam watches his fiancee and his sister with dirty intentions. This is when everything started and the situation escalated to the point where both teams were thirsty for each other’s blood. There were instances when our hero could’ve avoided them, but standing for the right things was in his nature. Thus, Thiru became their sworn enemy, and working at the hospital, they too were determined to make his life a living hell. The thing that’s to be seen is which side will win: the bad or the good one?

Thiruvin Kural is a wonderful film and whatever I’ll write will fall short of it. I am nothing but praise for this 119--minute-long film. Watching the movie made me feel a lot of emotions that can’t be exactly put into words. It is films like these which make us realize that the Indian film industry has still the ability to produce meaningful content. What it means to stand up for the right despite knowing the consequences is what Thiru teaches us. He’s the protector of his family and despite his disability, he does so much for them. The boy is dedicated to fighting for the right cause however, I sometimes felt that if he had taken a step back in one of those incidents, the consequences he and his family had to face would be less. Thiru is equivalent to a good citizen, and he has a heart of gold.

The villain of the film, Aarumugam (played by Ashraf) did a very powerful act. I was more impressed by his work. Even Arulnithi’s (who played Thiru) work felt weak in front of him. Thiruvin Kura is an example where the villain shines more than the hero himself. Every action of the villain had a motive and proper planning. Ashraf’s way of smoking cigarettes and his expressions steal the show. The old man nailed his role, and I wish to see him in more future projects. The female cast didn’t have much screen time. It was six people who had the main work in the screenplay i.e., Thiru, the niece, and those four men.

The ending scene and the first scene are very powerful and this is the strong point of every successful project. You have to capture the attention of the audience at every chance you get, and the makers knew it very well. Harish Prabhu (the writer and director) has brought a beautiful picture to the screen and everyone should watch it. There’s one line in the song of the film “My father is my world” and “Father's love is like a gold mine”, these lines are so deep yet powerful just like the movie.

Final Score – [8.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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