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‘Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom’ Netflix Series Review - Explores a Controversial Case

A docuseries that examines the 1985 double murder of Derek and Nancy Haysom and the conviction of Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom.

Arpita Mondal - Wed, 01 Nov 2023 21:24:34 +0000 1736 Views
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Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom is a four-part docuseries that delves into one of Virginia's most notorious and disputed criminal cases. The series features interviews with Jens Soering, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal killings of his girlfriend's parents, Derek and Nancy Haysom, in 1985, as well as investigators, lawyers, journalists, and other experts who have followed the case for decades. The series also presents new evidence and perspectives that challenge the official narrative and raise questions about the guilt or innocence of Soering and his former lover, Elizabeth Haysom, who was also convicted as an accessory to the murders.

The series begins with a shocking discovery of a blood-soaked crime scene at the Haysoms' home outside Lynchburg, Virginia, on April 3, 1985. The police soon identified Jens Soering, a German exchange student at the University of Virginia, and Elizabeth Haysom, a British-Canadian student and the daughter of the victims, as the prime suspects. The couple flees the country and is eventually arrested in London in 1986. Under interrogation, Soering confesses to the murders, claiming that he did it out of love for Elizabeth, who allegedly suffered abuse from her parents. Elizabeth testifies against him in court, portraying him as a cold-blooded killer who manipulated her into participating in the crime. Soering is extradited to Virginia and stands trial in 1990, where he recants his confession and accuses Elizabeth of being the real murderer. He is found guilty and sentenced to life without parole, while Elizabeth receives a 90-year sentence as an accomplice.

The series also explores the complex and troubled relationship between Jens and Elizabeth, who met at UVA and fell in love despite their different backgrounds and personalities. The series reveals how they became obsessed with each other and developed a fantasy world where they imagined themselves as reincarnated lovers from different historical eras. The series also examines how their relationship deteriorated after the murders, as they turned against each other and exposed their dark secrets and lies. The series also features interviews with Elizabeth, who is still incarcerated at a Virginia prison, where she expresses remorse for her involvement in the crime but denies being the killer.

The series concludes with a surprising development in 2019 when Jens Soering is granted parole by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam after serving 33 years in prison. He is deported to Germany, where he continues to proclaim his innocence and seek exoneration. The series also updates on Elizabeth's status, who remains eligible for parole but has not been released yet. The series ends with a reflection on the enduring mystery and controversy surrounding the case, which still divides opinions and emotions among those who have followed it closely.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom is a gripping docuseries that explores a controversial case that has fascinated and polarized many people for over three decades. The series does a commendable job of presenting both sides of the story and giving voice to different perspectives and opinions on the case. The series also raises important questions about the justice system, media coverage, human psychology, and the nature of truth and lies.

The series sometimes relies too much on sensationalism and dramatization to create suspense and intrigue. The series also tends to favor Jens Soering's version of events over Elizabeth Haysom's, which may bias some viewers toward his innocence or sympathy.

The series also leaves out some details and aspects of the case that could have provided more context and balance to the narrative. For example, the series does not mention the motive behind the murders, which was allegedly related to Elizabeth's drug addiction and her parents' disapproval of her relationship with Jens.

The series also does not explore the possible involvement of a third party in the crime, such as Elizabeth's alleged drug dealer or Jens's alleged friend, who were both mentioned in some of their statements and letters. The series also does not address the impact of the crime on the surviving relatives and friends of the Haysoms, who have suffered greatly from the loss and the ordeal.

Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs. Haysom is a captivating and thought-provoking docuseries that offers a comprehensive and compelling account of a notorious and disputed criminal case. The series is well-produced, well-researched, and well-told, with engaging interviews, archival footage, reenactments, and narration. 
The series is also a fascinating and disturbing portrait of a twisted and tragic love story that ended in blood and betrayal. The series is a must-watch for true crime fans and anyone interested in the human drama behind the headlines.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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Publisher at Midgard Times



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