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Top Video Games for Students to Become Smarter

Games develop the ability to learn in students. Many online projects strongly influence communication skills because we learn how to interact with different people during the game

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The gaming industry in Canada and the world has long ceased to be entertainment for a small circle of people. In the XXI century - it is a whole culture, covering many familiar sectors of human life. But are video games useful for an average student?

The answer is definitely yes. Scientists around the world have repeatedly given us examples of the fact that some computer games can comprehensively develop many useful qualities in a man. This can be used as assignment help. In particular, they can train memory and logic, make a person think critically in difficult situations, as well as stimulate brain areas that are not involved in the usual routine life.

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It is worth noting that the video game industry has become a significant part of the Canadian social and economic landscape. This direction is actively developing in the country. Many Canadian developers have become known worldwide for their unique and high-quality games. Most companies' portfolios include tactical strategies, shooters, immersive worlds, and educational titles. This industry is actively developing in Canada and offers great opportunities for game devs and players.

The Benefits of Learning through Play

Games develop the ability to learn in students. For example, strategies and puzzles cannot cope without logical thinking, attention, and memory. Many online projects strongly influence communication skills because we learn how to interact with different people during the game. Let's look at the best educational and entertaining projects.


Cult series of games in the strategy genre, which simulates the world in different historical periods. The player is invited to become the commander of one country and lead it forward to take over the entire map while using knowledge from politics, economics, geography, history, and diplomacy.

In conjunction with constant negotiation, strife with enemies, peace agreements, and ways of development of the state, civilization serves as one of the best tools for the training of logic and intellect. At the same time, there is an opportunity to unobtrusively study history, as the game includes all historical figures, which mostly coincide with the actions of real-life people. Civilization VI is the last title in the series to date.



A puzzle game in which the protagonist has to solve a lot of fascinating tasks. The action takes place in a mystical laboratory, so the heroine has some kind of superpowers. It can instantly move in space itself and move various objects from the environment. You'll have to do some thinking, so Portal is both fun and rewarding brain-stimulating. In a 2014 study published in Popular Science, this title was shown to develop the intellect many times better than many specialized video games.

Quantum Conundrum

A fascinating puzzle with an unusual storyline. The main character is a teenage boy who has come to visit his relative in a strange house with hundreds of mechanical innovations. According to the lore, the uncle is in the house's farthest room. The essence of the play is to solve all the tasks and free a relative. The game forms a logical approach to the obstacles in the way and a way to help focus and develop their strategies.


A virtual role-playing game against teenage depression. The concept is to solve puzzles. The user must choose their character and complete his mission. The plot is as simple as the gameplay. But that is the highlight of this title. Researchers say that it was developed according to algorithms from psychologists. Therefore, the game affects the subconscious man and makes him unconsciously think of a final result. The emotional background of the person rises automatically because the play is kind and calm.


Spore is a game that conveys the process of evolution in as much detail as possible. Only now can you become its participant and go all the way from the beginning to the end. The player begins his long journey from the cell and ends up in space, developing high technology and looking for answers to numerous questions. This project touches on civilizational issues and many concepts, not in biology but in sociology and philosophy. The game can be used as homework help in natural sciences.



All of the above Brain-Training Games can be useful for students. They develop memory, attention, decision-making speed, and more. The games are a great addition to standard tutorials. Students should give preference to interesting psychological, intellectual, and developmental projects.



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