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‘UFO’ Netflix Movie Review – Predictable With No Relation to Aliens

‘UFO’ is a film full of action and romance which follows a love story that ends up being predictable

Riya Singh - Wed, 09 Mar 2022 11:37:51 +0000 6498 Views
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After reading the title, many viewers must have misjudged. They might have thought that this movie would be about space or aliens. But, this Turkish drama is not about those things. It is about two lovers who came across each other due to the word ‘UFO’. Both the actors - Ipek Filiz Yazici (played Deniz) and Mert Ramazan Demir (played Ese) showed great chemistry on screen.

UFO is a movie with themes of action and romance. Did this hybrid work out for the movie? Well, in some way, it did. The romance shown between Deniz and Ese was very innocent and deep. They met when Ese and his friends were out for a celebration and for some unknown reasons, were blocking the road. Deniz was with her father in their car at that moment, and this blocking incident got them time to have eye contact. This was the same incident where these two lovers met and got the plot of the movie in action.

To shed some light on the characters, Ese is a simple guy and belongs to a family that runs a repair shop- Kartal Motors. The family spent a lot of money to build a Nike they called UFO.

On the other hand, Deniz belonged to a rich family, and her parents owned a factory. She thought that whenever she’ll be in a tough situation, a UFO will come and rescue her. Her parents didn’t share a good relationship and were mostly fighting. Deniz also has a UFO-named tattoo, that has a kind of Infinity ring to it.

When these both notice each other’s UFO, feelings start to develop. The plot of the film is great as it takes you through several highs and lows. The meaning of the word UFO for both individuals is different yet in some way the distance between them decreases.

The role of both the characters- Deniz and Ese has been played beautifully and you learn a lot of things from the movie. Family problems and a united family are shown in the same movie. There is a mother who learns to stand up for herself and her daughter. Then we also get to see Deniz’s parents going through phases of accepting that Ese is in her life now. The movie also shows a spoiled rich brat who has no other job than displaying his riches.

Fans of YA Melo-romance will just love this Turkish movie and we hope that till now the meaning of the title would have been clear to our readers. The makers also have tried to explain the title in every way they could have.

UFO also has many bike stunt scenes and adventurous races. The movie however doesn’t get a good ending and becomes quite predictable in the end. In all, you can SKIP it as there is nothing different to watch in this. The themes are usually like two lovers meeting, their families don’t agree, they try to survive, and then something bad happens at the end. It is a light movie and is available on Netflix.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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