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‘Under her control’ (La jefa) Netflix Movie Review - Incontrovertibly Takes Control of Your Thoughts!

The film follows a fashion employee, who thinks she will have to end her promising career after getting pregnant, but her boss offers to adopt the child

Poornima Balsu - Thu, 01 Sep 2022 01:38:01 +0100 17272 Views
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Under her control is the newly released Spanish thriller film on Netflix, which shows us the life of two women Beatriz and Sofia. Sofia, an opportunistic person, was looking forward to joining Beatriz’s company since she idolized Beatriz a lot. Beatriz was Sofia’s role model to be exact. The film shows us a series of events that leads to certain experiences Sofia has to go through after Beatriz enters her life.

This Spanish film has a lot to offer to its audiences. The thriller movie shows us how exorbitant zeal and craving for power and control take a toll on the lives of these two women. Although the movie has a dark setting, it cannot be categorized as a dense plot since the storyline is quite easy to follow.

Sofia, who was yare to restart her vocation with her dream idol mentor, realizes the true sides of her boss as she commences working with her. Beatriz, her new boss who is a manipulative woman endeavors to take control of Sofia’s life by making her believe in a web of lies that Beatriz makes up. The film follows how Sofia realizes the situation and if she is too tardy to back out or not.

The movie has been able to offer a fair quota of suspense with a couple of scenes that will catch the attention of the audience. The movie has a very solemn plot, and the scenes are always reflecting a dark theme, which goes very much with what the movie has to offer. The film shows the entangled lives of these two women and how they emerge from the consequences. Other than these two main characters, there a two other supporting characters who integrate as a complement to the movie.

This can definitely be a great movie for viewers who love to visually examine thriller dark-themed movies. Another great thing about this thriller is that it has an open ending. A thriller with an open ending is electrifying in itself. It is affirmative to say that this thriller movie does not follow the cliché steps of the thriller genre. It has got its own taste and plot twists to it that can keep anyone hooked for 1.50 minutes. A series of incidents leave the open ending, and it definitely will leave the audience in a mystification state where you would be doubtful whether you probed for a definite ending or not. Most thriller movies will have a cause and effect theories towards their ending, but this one leaves you up to your imagination.

This is beyond a doubt, an engrossing and plot-driven film that can take control of you and your conceptions regarding the movie, as it offers some spine thrilling scenes.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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