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‘V for Vengeance’ Netflix Movie Review - A Bloody and Boring Vampire Flick

In the oppressive clutches of a totalitarian regime, a masked vigilante emerges, igniting a revolution in the captivating dystopian world of V for Vengeance.

Arpita Mondal - Sat, 18 Nov 2023 17:38:31 +0000 614 Views
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V for Vengeance is a horror action movie that tries to be a female-led version of V for Vendetta but fails miserably. The movie is about two estranged sisters who team up to rescue their younger sibling from a group of vampires who killed their parents.

Amidst the bleak backdrop of a future where individual freedoms are ruthlessly suppressed, a shadowy figure known as V emerges, bearing the scars of a tragic past and fueled by an insatiable thirst for justice. V for Vengeance, a masterful adaptation of Alan Moore's iconic graphic novel, plunges viewers into a gripping tale of revolution, revenge, and the enduring fight for liberty.

The movie begins with a flashback of the night when Emma, Scarlett, and Kate’s parents are murdered by a vampire named Thorn and his gang. Kate, the youngest, managed to escape and hide in a nearby motel. Emma and Scarlett, who were away at college, received a call from the police and rushed to the scene. They were shocked and devastated by the loss of their family and blamed each other for not being there to protect them. They parted ways and never spoke again.

Ten years later, Emma is a successful journalist who is working on a story about a mysterious vaccine that can cure vampirism. She receives a tip from a source named Bullseye, who claims to have insider information. She agrees to meet him at a bar but soon realizes that he is a vampire hunter who has been tracking Thorn and his gang. He tells her that Thorn is after the vaccine and that he has kidnapped Kate, who is still alive and has been hiding from the vampires all these years. He also reveals that he is the one who saved Kate from the motel and that he has been watching over her ever since.

Emma is shocked and skeptical but decides to trust Bullseye and join him in his mission to rescue Kate. She also contacts Scarlett, who is now a martial arts instructor and convinces her to help. Scarlett is reluctant but agrees to reunite with her sisters. The three of them, along with Bullseye and his team, infiltrate Thorn’s lair, where they discover that he is planning to use the vaccine to create a new breed of super-vampires. They also find out that he is the one who turned their parents into vampires, and that he has been torturing Kate for years.

The movie then turns into a bloody and violent showdown between the sisters and the vampires, with lots of fights, explosions, and gore. The sisters manage to free Kate, kill Thorn, and destroy his operation. They also find a cure for their parents, who are still alive but in a coma. The movie ends with the sisters reconciling and embracing, while their parents wake up and smile.

V for Vengeance is a movie that tries to be a lot of things but fails at most of them. It tries to be a feminist revenge thriller, but it is full of stereotypes and sexism. It tries to be a vampire horror, but it is full of plot holes and inconsistencies. It tries to be a homage to V for Vendetta, but it is full of plagiarism and disrespect.

Another thing is that the movie’s direction is sloppy and chaotic, with no vision or flair. The movie’s editing is choppy and confusing, with no rhythm or flow. The movie’s cinematography is dull and dark, with no color or contrast.

I also didn’t like the movie’s portrayal of women as I felt it to be sexist and offensive, with no empowerment or agency. The movie’s portrayal of vampires is inconsistent and illogical, with no rules or logic. The movie’s portrayal of violence is gratuitous and graphic, with no consequence or meaning. The movie’s portrayal of family is shallow and sentimental, with no depth or emotion.

I am thankful that I didn’t spend any money to watch this movie, but can’t say the same for my precious, RIP to my brain cells too! It is a movie that insults its audience, its genre, and its source material.

Final Score – [3/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
Publisher at Midgard Times



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