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Warrior Nun Creator Simon Barry to Write and Direct Teenage Thriller Series - ‘BET’

Simon Barry is known for creating the Netflix series, Warrior Nun, which was canceled after two seasons.

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Netflix's Warrior Nun creator is all set to move into his next project, BET, which he has written and is all set to direct. The tenage thriller-drama, BET is currently in pre-production and gearing up to begin filming next month.

BET is currently scheduled to begin filming on May 21, 2024, in Toronto, Canada, and will wrap up on July 30, 2024. The teenage thriller series will be 10 episodes long with each episode being 30 minutes.

The series follows Keiko, a girl with a terrible secret, who arrives from Japan at an exclusive Boarding School for children of the global elite to disturb their lives and seek revenge for her parents' murders. She emanates a quiet mysterious vibe that pulls the other students to her.

Inspired by Manga books and Films like ‘Scott Pilgrim vs The World’, BET is a story that today's teenagers may relate to. At its core, BET is about power relations, wealth, and social standing. The series, influenced by anime, will be fast-paced. A somewhat heightened appearance and feel will provide the performance with an epic, dramatic tone. A rich palette inspired by the Anime and Manga color scheme of red and black will dominate the appearance of uniforms, school decorations, banners and flags, and so on. Gothic settings with vaulted ceilings and arches will contrast with the series' modern mood and provide depth to the school's history and mythology, implying a greater relevance for this institution, similar to Hogwarts in 'Harry Potter'.

The cast of the series is yet to be announced, but the leading characters have already been revealed. As the plot suggests, Keiko will be leading the series, Harry will be another student in the same school who finds himself in love with the enigmatic and ruthless Keiko, Taylor - she is president of the Student Council and the true puppet master of the school, Mike - another student who is also the heir to a telco empire, but the truth is his father’s wealth comes from many means, not all of them legal, and Sammy - a clout-chaser who uses their classmates as content and one-off accessories in viral videos.

Simon Barry is directing the series based on a script he wrote himself. Boat Rocker Media is producing the series. Kerry Appleyard, Nick Nantell, David Fortier, and Ivan Schneeberg are the producers.

Simon Barry is known for creating the Warrior Nun series for Netflix, which was canceled after two seasons, however, after an aggressive campaign from the fans and Barry himself, the series was picked up by another production company that announced to create a film trilogy on the story. Later, it was confirmed that Simon Barry wouldn't be any part of these films, and neither would be the cast. The trilogy is reportedly on hold and unlikely to move forward.



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