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Watching Netflix with a Girl: 6 Steps to Win Her Heart

Netflix and Chill is one of the best ways to spend a night with a girl you like – you enjoy some intimacy while watching a fascinating movie together.

Beverly Bennett - Mon, 28 Aug 2023 19:48:35 +0100 1413 Views
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Do you want to make your date night truly special and memorable? Follow these simple steps, and you will win a girl’s heart and take your relationships to the next level.

Choose the Right Movie

Not all girls are fans of romantic comedies and girly shows like Emily in Paris. Therefore, you should learn more about your girlfriend’s taste before inviting her to your place. Find out what kind of movies she likes and choose the one she hasn’t watched yet.

Pro tip: If you have met on a dating app, you can learn more about her preferences by looking through her profile. For instance, you can visit Hily – if your dating journey has started there – and check her bio. She may have mentioned some of her favorite shows in the "About Me" section.

Create a Comfortable Environment

You should make the place for watching Netflix more comfortable and inviting. Add some extra pillows and a soft-to-touch blanket, and you will turn your old couch into the perfect spot for cuddles.

Pro tip: If you haven’t washed your blanket for a while, wash it with good-smelling fabric softener.  Since all five senses, including smell, influence the attraction, it’s important to make your apartment smell good.

Prepare a Snack

Everyone loves to binge snacks while watching Netflix. So prepare some snacks for your girl, considering her lifestyle and food preferences. For instance, you can buy caramel popcorn or chocolate ice cream if she has a sweet tooth. Or you can prepare baby carrots and hummus if she is a vegan.

Pro tip: Are you obsessed with this girl? Walk the extra mile to impress her - prepare a movie-themed meal. For example, if you are going to watch a Korean drama series, you can cook gochujang noodles. Or if you are going to watch an Italian comedy, you can order take-out lasagna or pasta.

Use a Projector

With the help of a projector, you can turn your apartment into a small private theater with its unique, intimate atmosphere. So if you have a projector or can rent one, be sure to use it instead of a TV.

Agree to Put Your Phones Down

Most of us have a bad habit of scrolling on our phones while watching movies. This habit affects not only our attention span but also our dating experience. If you want to enjoy your date and feel the romance, put your phone down and ask your girlfriend to do the same. In such a way, you will eliminate the major distractions and pay more attention to each other.

Light Candles

Do you want this date to end with something more than friendly hugs and kisses? Light the candles to turn the romantic mood on. The more candles you use, the better.

Pro tip: You can also buy some massage candles. Once the movie ends, show candles to your girl and ask whether she knows how to use them. Do this trick to turn up the heat and get your girl into a playful mood.

Wrapping Up

Even though Netflix and Chill is seen as an ordinary thing today, you can turn it into an extraordinary experience. Put some extra effort into choosing a movie, preparing snacks, and creating a relaxing atmosphere – and you will craft a date she will never forget. Do you genuinely like this girl? Then you can be sure that all your efforts will be worth it.



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