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What If...?: Dr. Strange Episode Reveals A Powerful Sorcerer Connecting Theories to ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

The episode has changed the way we look at Dr. Strange, he is also a human who can follow his heart instead of the much greater responsibility

Bradley - Wed, 01 Sep 2021 21:49:39 +0100 6483 Views
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Spoilers Ahead:

The latest episode of Marvel's What If...? has reignited speculation about Dr. Strange's appearance in the upcoming MCU films 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' and 'Dr. Strange 2.'

The episode shows the origin story of Dr. strange in a different universe in which he becomes Dr. Strange in a different way when his girlfriend dies in a car accident while traveling with him. In MCU, he broke his hands in an accident while traveling alone in his car.

The Ancient One takes a grieving Dr. Strange and makes him the Sorcerer's supreme. He defeats Dormammu, but even after becoming something this big and powerful, he just couldn't let go of his past. Sidelining his responsibility as protector of The Eye of Agamotto, he uses it to protect his girlfriend from dying by going back in the past. But he fails again and again after trying thousand times. Ancient one warns him that he could break the fabric of time and space and the world could end because of his arrogance.

The episode reveals the true power of Dr. Strange, what he could achieve if he breaks all the rules and harness every power that he can. It also shows that it's impossible to change an absolute point in time.

In this episode, Dr. Strange can be seen interacting with the Watcher, who can see every reality but cannot interfere. This also means that Dr. Strange powers go beyond the reality of the universe.


As soon as many people saw this episode, it was obvious that many theories will come up online. While relating the evil version of Dr. Strange to the one in Spider-Man No Way Home trailer, this could be a similar version of him. However, to be clear "What If?" series has no relation with the current or any events of the MCU.

We also have a simple theory that relates to the Spider-Man No Way Home teaser trailer. By seeing the powers of Dr. Strange and the path he took in this episode by following his heart, now it's safe to assume that the one casting the spell in the teaser is not anyone but the real Dr. Strange himself. 

Also, the way the episode tells us that two variants of the same person can co-exist in the same universe, we can theorize that spell of Dr. Srange may have created or divided Dr. Strange into two - one good and one evil. The one fighting with Spider-Man is the evil one which can do anything to harness the power. And also, the mystery box is shown in the teaser in which Spider-Man trying to snatch the box out of Strange's hand may be a mystic weapon to harness the power of other mythical/supernatural creatures or beings.

What's your theory? write it down in the comment box below or on our social media posts.



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