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‘Wild Is the Wind’ Netflix Movie Review - I Did It Because I Could

The movie follows two corrupt police officers, who investigate the brutal murder of a young girl as tensions come to a head in their small, racially-segregated town

Riya Singh - Sat, 29 Oct 2022 19:37:05 +0100 15693 Views
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A man in his red car bribes a black police officer after being charged with overspeeding. Vusi, the police officer lets him go, but he didn't realize that in the trunk of this man’s car was the body of a woman. Wilhelm Jooste, the rider of the red car, is a merciless killer and imitates his victims when they beg for their life.

Three years later, the film takes us to a butcher’s shop. Martin is the owner of the shop, and his daughter Melissa comes to ask for his permission for a night out. While she was leaving the shop, she bumped into Wilhelm whose eyes traveled to her little heart pendant. The next thing we know that this girl is going to die as this is a perfect opportunity for the killer, and the same happens.

Vusi and John (his senior officer and friend) take bribes so that they can provide for their family. Vusi’s wife is pregnant, and the salary doesn’t support them. John, on the other hand, has to save his farm from getting sold. Both the officers are trying to make ends meet and in the process forget the duty they have towards their people. They are the lead officers in Melissa’s case, her being Mayor’s niece, and whoever caught the murderer was being rewarded. They carry out their investigation and find various leads, but the main focus of the plot was John and Vusi, not Melissa.

From the first scene of the movie, it was clear who the real killer of Melissa was. The motive of the movie was to show how John and Vusi were too blind in greed that they let two murders of innocent girls. They were not directly responsible, however, had they been more honest with their duties, this wouldn’t have happened. The title of the film doesn’t have anything to do with the plot, a song of the same name played when they let Wilhelm go freely the first time, which was the point from where everything started.

The discrimination between white and black was another focus of the creators as constant fights between the two communities were seen. Mothusi Magano as Vusi and Frank Rautenbach as John have played their roles well. The struggles faced by their characters: are financial, emotional, and mental. They both did an excellent job portraying them on-screen. Still, it would have been better if the killer was not revealed so early in the movie, an element of suspense would have remained. In the mid of the movie, I felt bored and was hoping that it ends soon because everything was quite predictable. The film ‘Wild Is The Wind’ with a duration of 108 minutes is a one-time watch only.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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