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Will Tears of the Kingdom Open Up a New World of Fantasy Gaming?

The latest news on Tears of the Kingdom suggests that this game will be released for the Nintendo Switch in May 2023

Edward Jones - Fri, 31 Mar 2023 18:33:57 +0100 1862 Views
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most eagerly-awaited games of 2023, but will it surpass 2017’s Breath of the Wild in the Nintendo franchise? Early glimpses at the gameplay suggest that it may even provide new ways of interacting with a fantasy world that gamers have never seen before.

The Details of the Game and the Current Fantasy Scene

The latest news on Tears of the Kingdom suggests that this game will be released for the Nintendo Switch in May 2023. We saw a trailer teasing the game way back at E3 2019 and this was followed by a fuller reveal at E3 2021, but the release date has been pushed back from 2022 and it’s still not completely clear if it will definitely be seen on sale in May.

While work has been going on for this game since its predecessor Breath of the Wild came out in 2017, it could be that a 2023 release suits it better, as it will come out at a time when fantasy settings are extremely popular. Hit TV shows like House of the Dragon have helped, while the new Dungeons and Dragons movie subtitled Honor Among Thieves is likely to bring even more attention to the fantasy genre.

In terms of new game releases, Wild Hearts, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and Blue Protocol are all due out this year. Improvements in technology have allowed developers to create huge open-world settings in recent times, while players are looking forward to innovations such as the metaverse, which will allow them to get fully immersed in the fantasy world.

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The Game’s Plot and Mechanics

The plot of the new game once again sees us exploring the open-world setting of Hyrule. Link is the main character, and is joined by Zelda as they look to stop an evil force from destroying the kingdom. Floating islands have been added above Hyrule, giving the player the opportunity to jump between them.

However, one of the things players are particularly excited about is the way that materials can be combined using the Fuse ability, to create interesting new weapons. Other elements of the gameplay to look out for include Ascend, which is the ability to move up through ceilings, and the Recall ability to turn back time for an object.

According to the development team, their work on Tears of the Kingdom is all done, so there appears to be no reason for it not to be released in May as expected. This game doesn’t look like it’s going to be visually spectacular (likely due to the hardware limitations of the Switch), but the combination of the popular fantasy theme with some interesting mechanics should ensure that it becomes another success in the Legend of Zelda series.



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