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‘Woman -My Life for My Children-’ Netflix Series Review - A Heartwarming Story of Grit and Determination

This Japanese drama follows the life of a single mother Koharu Aoyagi and how she raises her children amid difficulties of life.

Neerja Choudhuri - Wed, 07 Feb 2024 12:09:03 +0000 2944 Views
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Life proves to be a formidable challenge for Koharu Aoyagi, a widow and single mother. Her journey unfolds as she recounts to her daughter, Nozomi, the love story between herself and Nozomi's father, which led to their marriage and the birth of their two children. However, tragedy strikes when Shin, Koharu's husband, passes away in an accident shortly after the birth of their second child, leaving Koharu to shoulder the responsibility of raising their children alone. Despite the weight of her circumstances, Koharu remains resilient, prioritizing the well-being of her children above all else. While she presents a brave face to her children, inside she grapples with the profound loss of her husband, often finding solace in his belongings while grieving his absence.

Throughout the series, viewers witness Koharu's struggle to navigate financial difficulties in order to provide for her family. Despite her best efforts to make ends meet, mounting bills push her to seek assistance from social welfare services, only to be met with disappointment due to her failure to meet eligibility criteria.

Meanwhile, a surprising offer of support emerges from Koharu's estranged mother, Sachi, who had left Koharu and her father two decades prior. Though Koharu had been estranged from her mother since that time, the prospect of Sachi's assistance for the betterment of her children forces Koharu to reconsider her stance. Nozomi, the elder daughter, emerges as a remarkably mature young girl, having witnessed her mother's struggles first-hand. Her sensitivity adds another layer of complexity to Koharu's journey as she grapples with the decision of whether to accept her mother's offer and the implications it may have for her family's future. But things don’t go as planned, because Koharu now learns something that shakes up the entire family. How will Koharu and the family tackle this? Will they ever be a happy little family? Will Koharu’s relations with her mother improve?

“Woman- My Journey For My Children” is a heart-wrenching soulful drama. The narrative is beautiful but a little slow. The show, in its true sense, lives up to its name- a woman, a mother who dedicates her life to her children. Her first and last thoughts are always about them. She wants nothing but the best for her children.

The cast delivers outstanding performances in their respective roles. Hikari Mitsushima portrays Koharu Aoyagi with compelling authenticity, capturing the essence of a young mother grappling with the challenges of raising two children. Yuko Tanaka's portrayal of Sachi Uesugi is equally impressive, bringing depth and nuance to her character.

However, it's Rio Suzuki's portrayal of Nozomi that truly captivates audiences. Suzuki delves deep into her role as a preschool-aged child who keenly comprehends her family's financial struggles and her mother's hardships. She skillfully conveys a range of emotions, demonstrating a remarkable level of maturity that rivals her adult co-stars' performances. Suzuki's portrayal stands out as a standout highlight of the show, leaving viewers astonished by her talent and depth as a young actor. “Woman- My Journey For My Children” is a story of hope and grit. One should definitely watch it.

Final Score- [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Neerja Choudhuri
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