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Netflix ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ Season 3 Review - More Drama More Action

In Season 3 of Entrevías, Tirso’s idyllic existence is about to take a turn for the worst as someone from his past returns, a terrible murder occurs, and a new gang boss arrives in town.

Riya Singh - Sat, 24 Feb 2024 07:50:16 +0000 2151 Views
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Watching the first episode of this brand new season, I have got my hopes up for this season. Wrong Side of the Tracks has always been an intense tale of a righteous man fighting against the goons of his locality. I never got how Tirso got safe out of the mess every time. The old man sure has many tricks up his sleeve, however, this time, things might be a tad difficult.

At the end of the first episode, we see how Tirso targeted Nata, the local goon queen. Everyone is aware of the love shared by Nata and her cousin Chulo. Thus, Tirso might have made a new enemy after shooting Nata. The goons have been a problem every season and this season we’ve got an additional villain, Romera, the new inspector in the locality.

Looking for fame in the sad locality of Entrevias, this officer aims high. He wants to be a part of the political circle and gain popularity by being in the media. His method of achieving the same is shady. By creating unrest between the community and the gangsters, he not only put the lives of the people at stake but also disturbed what somewhat of peace this community was beginning to develop.

Another character, Ezequiel has intentions of being the ruler of the neighborhood. Every villain in this series has Entrevias in his/her mind as their dream project. Trevor can not fight them all and this season is about seeing to which lengths our characters will go to save their dreams.

After being brought from the hospital by Gladys, Ezequiel pretended to have amnesia. He too with the help of Dulce wanted to take control of the neighborhood. The man had a very good plan in his mind however, the local gang soon busted him.

This season is different from the other one as everyone has something to fight for. Irene’s pregnancy has some complications and while everyone was trying to survive at the center opened by Maica, she was struggling alone at home.

Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 tells a story with the potential to keep its audience engaged. The audience will feel nervous every second of the show because anything can go wrong and change the turn of events. The series is a great combination of gang tales, drama, and emotions. You should stream it as such combinations are rare to find.

It will be worth a watch to see how Tirso fights with so many enemies with Irene in such a delicate position. Nelson despite being a going-to-be dad has a lot of research to do about differentiating between the good and the bad guys. From the beginning itself, Maica doesn’t seem to be the one with good intentions and her targeting Nelson like this was typical and very predictable. There are a total of eight episodes with a duration of more than an hour each.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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