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5 Great Casino-Themed TV shows

People who are casino gambling enthusiasts may find that they have the urge to watch shows that focus on the same world

Shaun Millard - Tue, 18 Jul 2023 20:50:13 +0100 1179 Views
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The world of casino gaming is definitely one that lends itself to television shows. The glitz and glamor of Las Vegas or London casinos can be an ideal setting, with plenty of interesting sights and drama at every turn.

People who are casino gambling enthusiasts may find that they have the urge to watch shows that focus on the same world, whether that means reality shows offering a peek into the industry or watching a drama show while playing at a casino online.

There aren’t as many smash-hit shows in the world of casinos as there are in the science fiction or thriller niches, but we’ve collected some of the top shows for people to check out. There is a lot of variety in this list, with some shows being serious and gritty, while others have a real sense of humor. Let’s dive into the casino-themed shows.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

One of a raft of dramatizations of stories written by Stan Lee, this was broadcast in the UK and focuses on a character called DI Harry Clayton, who is down on his luck and struggling in many aspects of life, until he spends a night with Eve, a mysterious stranger, and wakes up with a bracelet on his wrist that gives him supernatural luck. He starts using this bracelet to turn his life around.

Lucky Man stars Irish actor James Nesbitt and ran for 28 episodes across three seasons. It wasn’t huge in America but the show is worth seeking out, with a score of 7.1/10 on IMDb.

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete is a gritty show that ran on Amazon for three series. It featured Giovanni Ribisi playing a con man who has assumed the identity of his prison cellmate in order to get a fresh start. He ends up in a disturbing world with gangsters and troubling characters. The show was well-received, especially with Ribisi turning in some of the best performances of his career. Bryan Cranston was also a producer on the show.

Poker Face

Poker Face, which delves into the world of casinos, is one of the newer shows on the list and is mainly a murder mystery story. The show uses a similar format to that used by Columbo, known as an “inverted detective story”.

Charlie Cale is the main character – she’s a casino worker who is able to spot a lie. She ends up on the run from the boss of the casino after an unexplained homicide. Throughout the show, Cale runs into plenty of unpleasant characters and gets into some seriously nervy situations.

Poker Face was well received and was directed by Rian Johnson, known for creating movies and shows with plot twists. This was a Peacock exclusive and has recently been renewed for a second series.

Las Vegas

Though Las Vegas only ran from 2003-2008, the show is fondly remembered and can still be found on streaming services. The show is a comedy-drama that features a star cast that includes Josh Duhamel and James Caan.

The show focuses on the security team at a fictional casino called Montecito in Las Vegas. There are many comical situations that crop up across the five seasons of the show. Danny McCoy, the former U.S. Marine, works in security with Ed, who was formerly in the CIA. Danny also has a relationship –which is fraught with danger – with Ed’s daughter.

This is one of the only shows that is based almost entirely in a casino, focusing on the casino staff and the situations they find themselves in.

The Real Hustle

The Real Hustle is a show remembered fondly by a lot of British viewers. It was actually based on a serious drama show focusing on hustlers, featuring hidden cameras aimed at revealing how scams actually work. Many of the cons they carried out took place in casinos or using card games.

All of the “marks” in the show were given their money back and agreed to the video clip being broadcast, and it gave an interesting insight into the dark side of some games and unscrupulous hustlers.


It is maybe a little surprising that there aren’t more shows out there based around casinos, but they make a great setting for drama as well as glamor. The shows on this list all offer something a little different, from slapstick laughs to real insight into the world of casinos, and even gritty drama and a hint of the supernatural.



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