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Action-Thriller Series ‘KLEO’ Gets Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

Following the fall of the Berlin Wall, a woman seeks vengeance and answers to all of her problems. But who exactly is this woman?

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Netflix has revealed a new trailer for the German-language series, ‘Kleo.’ The action-thriller series starring Jella Haase as KLEO will release on August 19 on Netflix, worldwide.

KLEO takes the audience to the colorful Berlin of the early 1990s with a volatile combination of action and drama, as well as a fair dose of comedy. The series stars Jella Haase, Dimitrij Schaad, Julius Feldmeier, Vladimir Burlakov, Thandi Sebe, Marta Sroka, and Jürgen Heinrich.

In the series, former Stasi assassin Kleo Straub (Jella Haase) gets released from jail as the Berlin Wall falls in 1989. She had everything snatched from her because she had been betrayed by those she trusted: her freedom, her family, her entire existence. But Kleo didn't have any idea why. Now that she has nothing to lose, she sets out to find the origins of the conspiracy - and an all-out vendetta - despite her losses and with an arsenal of alternate identities.

The screenplay is written by HaRiBo, a team comprising authors Richard Kropf, Hanno Hackfort, and Bob Konrad, alongside Elena Senft. It is directed by Viviane Andereggen (episodes 1-3 & 8) and Jano Ben Chaabane (episodes 4-7), and produced by Michael Souvignier and Till Derenbach from Zeitsprung Pictures. HaRiBo is also the showrunner of the series.

While on an assignment with a secret Stasi commando, top Eastern German spy Kleo murders a businessman in West Berlin in 1987. Soon after, she is arrested by the Stasi on false charges, and she is condemned and vilified by everyone she knows, even her own grandfather. Kleo is released from prison after two years as the Berlin Wall falls. She quickly discovers that the conspiracy against her is far more extensive than she could have anticipated, and an ominous red suitcase appears to be the missing puzzle piece. Kleo embarks on a quest for revenge that takes her through anarchistic Berlin, improvised electro clubs, Majorcan Fincas, and finally into the Atacama Desert. Sven, a West-Berlin police officer, was following her the entire time, as he witnessed the case of his life unfolding in front of him.



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