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‘Alchemy of Souls’ Netflix Series Review - The Journey of Becoming the Greatest Warrior

The 20-episode series s set in a fictional country called Daeho and depicts the stories of young magicians dealing with heaven and earth

Riya Singh - Mon, 27 Jun 2022 02:07:53 +0100 7624 Views
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Alchemy of Souls, a series about soul shifters, politics, and a son who is cursed by his father starts with a scene where a king can be seen requesting a mage Geon to let him use his body for seven days to produce an heir. In the country of Daeho, those who can use spells are referred to as Mages. The practice of soul shifting has been declared against the law, and those who practice it are punished accordingly.

After getting into the body of a mage, the King produces a child Jang Uk. He is an illegitimate child, and his energy gates have been blocked by his father. It means he won’t be able to perform spells throughout his lifetime. It is his determination that is worth watching. Then we have Naksu, a shadow assailant. She is a dreaded figure and has mastered all forms. Naksu went after the mages and killed them as revenge for destroying her family. She is well versed with the alchemy of souls and unexpectedly lands in a weak body that can’t handle her power well, and as a result, she has grown weak.

Jang Uk comes across her and finds it a perfect opportunity to make her his master and learn how to become like his great father Geon (he wasn’t aware that he is an illegitimate child born out of deception). This is how the story unravels, and the story of this master and the student starts. Every time Jang Uk takes a step further, he gets pulled four steps behind, but there’s no stopping him. His master Naksu also pushes him when he feels low and makes him learn important lessons. She has always got his back and has also put her life in danger for him several times.

Daeho is surrounded by a powerful magical river that grants power to this country. In the land of Daeho, the heirs of four important families are called the Four Seasons. The first one is the daughter of the Jin family who has the vitality of spring, Jin Cho-yeon. The next one is the heir of the Park family who has the energy of a hot summer Park Dang-gu. Seo Yul is the genius of the Seo family who is as noble as the sunset in fall. Then, we have Jang Uk who is the successor of the Jang family and he is as dazzling as the winter snow.

The creators have tried to create a magical world where anything can happen. Politics also has a major role in the show. Constant backstabbing and plotting can be seen. In my opinion, fans of Korean fictional supernatural dramas shouldn’t miss this series. Everything, including the visuals, fight scenes, and the plot is impeccable. This series creates a world where four children from the most powerful families of Daeho are fighting to make their name. Amazing fighting scenes are shown where the warriors can be seen manifesting the powers of water and fire.

Jang Uk is the most special one among the four successors of Daeho. Despite being banished and constantly punished, he doesn’t give up his dreams easily. No matter how hard he falls, he will always be there standing stronger than before. All the actors have dwelled in their roles and fit in correctly. The makers have a great story to tell, and if you don’t want to get lost, then you should keep a tab of the things. It is a magical world that sways you away right from the first episode itself. The average duration of each episode is 1 hour and there is a total of 20 episodes decided for this series.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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