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Aldis Hodge Hints at Hawkman Cameo in ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’

Aldis Hodge stars in ‘Black Adam’ and Zachary Levi in ‘Shazam 2,’ both the films are currently shooting in Atlanta

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‘Black Adam’ star Aldis Hodge, who is playing Hawkman in the DC's upcoming movie has given start to a new rumor which hints at Hawkman cameo in the upcoming Shazam sequel ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ movie.

Though the title of our article says Aldis Hodge from ‘Black Adam’ may be up for a cameo as Hawkman in Shazam 2, but it can also be Zachary Levi's Shazam cameo in ‘Black Adam’ movie. However, the latter seems very unlikely to be possible.

The new rumor has started to gear up since Aldis Hodge shared an image with Levi in which they are posing together. However, the image seems to be a Topgolf commercial shoot (as per the Instagram status of Hodge). Both ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Shazam! 2’ are currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, so, it should not be much of a surprise if two cast members from different films meet, but here it seems more than that.

Hodge wrote, "In a world where two superheroes collide at Topgolf, an epic battle is on the horizon.
Who will conquer?
Who will meet defeat?
Who will throw their back out trying to swing a golf club way too damn hard???"


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‘Black Adam’ is currently scheduled for July 2022 release, while ‘Shazam 2’ for June 2023. We all know that Black Adam is the biggest rival of Shazam in the DC universe, and these two characters are supposed to face each other sometime in the DC Extended Universe. However, these two movies are supposed to be independent, and none of them involves these two characters. And that's where this recent rumor comes up as Hawkman is part of the ‘Black Adam’ movie, and we are yet to know if he is a friend or foe to Black Adam played by Dwayne Johnson.

Consider the first scenario of Hawkman having a cameo in Shazam 2, where he meets with Shazam to warn about the rise of Black Adam, who was stripped of his powers by the wizard Shazam. But this is only possible when Hawkman is considering Black Adam as an enemy, not as a teammate. Justice Society of America (JSA) DC comic series has enlisted Black Adam as an anti-hero who doesn't follow rules and laws and gives an eye for an eye, although Adam was initially part of JSA. 

After defecting from JSA, Atom Smasher and Adam are considered to be friends and together they create a new organization, which is solely run by Black Adam the way he wants it. Later Hawkman also joins this organization, and together they try to kill the militant dictator of his old homeland of Kahndaq. After killing the dictator, Black Adam becomes the ruler of Kahndaq, who later becomes more fierce and arrogant. When a member of JSA, Spectre, attacked Kahndaq after being corrupted by Eclipso, Black Adam declared JSA as an enemy of his people. (Atom Smasher is also part of ‘Black Adam’ movie).

The plot of Black Adam is still kept under the wraps and the same goes for Shazam 2. So, we still don't know, if Black Adam will continue as an enemy of JSA or Hawkman will be part of JSA as can be seen in "Legends of Tomorrow." But given the cast, Black Adam and JSA are both included in the film. This rumored cameo could be the setup for one of the biggest movie crossover in DCEU keeping aside the main characters of DC (Batman, Superman, Justice League).

Now consider Shazam having a cameo in Black Adam, which is not likely to be true as ‘Black Adam’ will be releasing before Shazam 2 and Black Adam is not part of the ‘Shazam 2’ movie. 
Cameos always give hints and relate to the succeeding movie. So, we can simply conclude that title of this article could be the only true case scenario.

‘Shazam 2’ is currently filming with all the Shazam family members returning for the movie with daughters of god Atlas as villains.



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