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‘All Hail’ Netflix Movie Review - A Journey of Failures and Self Discovery

‘All Hail’ is about a famous meteorologist who flees to his hometown after failing t predict a destructive hailstorm and soon finds himself on a journey of self-discovery

Riya Singh - Wed, 30 Mar 2022 21:00:33 +0100 12910 Views
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Miguel Flores is a very famous meteorologist who is known to never get any weather forecast wrong. He is very confident about his skills and science, and why shouldn't he be? He spent several years mastering the same. He is seen interacting with his neighbors, assuring them about the weather. His posters are everywhere and he is well known and respected by everyone till that one mistake.

His one mistake ruined his career and that was a wrong prediction of the weather. He never made a mistake before on his show, but this one cost him everything. He assured everyone that the weather would be nice and clear. People believed him because he is the one who could never be wrong. They had immense faith in him. Miguel assured everyone but turned out to be wrong.

His wrong weather prediction led to huge losses. After this, nobody even wanted to see him, he was heavily trolled, lost his show, and thus had to run away from Buenos Aires He went back to his hometown to get a short break. There he got a chance to develop a great relationship with his daughter that they lacked previously. 

Miguel meets a mysterious man in a cafe at night when her daughter asks him to give her some space. That stranger correctly predicted the next day's weather. Miguel couldn't understand how he could do that without any scientific knowledge.

More details can't be revealed as audiences will need to find out for themselves what happens next when Miguel meets the strange man. Will Miguel get his career back? How will the relationship he'll share with his daughter be?

The special effects that have been used in the film like large hail falling from the sky and the buildings collapsing form an important part of this film.

This new Netflix film is a simple story of a famous meteorologist who was famous but lost all things with just one simple mistake. It is about the impact a simple mistake can have on anything. Several other movies have been made on the same theme like The Kings of Summer. It was a quite plain movie that one can watch with their family members but can be skipped as there are better ones about similar topics on the same streaming platform.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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