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‘All My Life’ Netflix Movie Review - A Couple That Fought Against All The Odds

The movie follows an engaged couple, who looks forward to a long and happy life together, but the sudden diagnosis of a terminal illness throws their future in limbo

Poornima Balsu - Wed, 04 Jan 2023 16:43:02 +0000 3106 Views
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All My Life is a 2020 film available on Netflix that might remind us of how to embrace life by keeping all the good memories closer to us. The film stars Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe as its leads. It has a run time of 1 hour and 31 minutes. The movie is inspired by real-life events and has the elements to make the audience teary-eyed.

All My Life follows the story of a couple, Solomon Chau and Jeniffer Carter, who meet very randomly at a bar, falls in love, and soon decide to marry. They both eagerly wait for their precious day to arrive when Solomon gets diagnosed with Liver cancer. Will the couple be able to fight cancer and move on with their lives or will caner be the end of their dream life is what the film proceeds to show us.

The film is sappy since it has romance as a major genre, but this doesn’t push away an audience from not enjoying the film. “The average person lives 27,375 days. That’s all we get” is a dialogue delivered by Jenn which sets the tone of the entire film. This film elevates the way we consume life. The story of the film is filled with optimism and character that spreads a can-do-it attitude. The film is filled with positive energy.

From the beginning of the film the audience sort of can figure out what might be the future of the couple but instead of taking us through their rough journey the film has tried to show the bright side reminding us that nothing can stop us from enjoying life to the fullest instead of wasting our time being dull and desperate. The makers have used innovative ways to show a story that is a tear-jerker with such happy elements installed at every corner.

The chemistry between the protagonists is something that the audience can look forward to. The makers have only focused on the main two characters, and the rest of the supporting characters have been used as nodding instruments who agree or disagrees with what the protagonists say.

As we proceed with the film the audience will able to understand that more than having romance as the main genre the film has highly tried to engage the concept of never taking a moment in life for granted. The film makes you think about your respective lives and what you are doing currently. The film sort of signals the audience to live life to the fullest.

The film also comes with a lot of flaws. Even though it carries such an important and hard story, the vibrant people and backgrounds sort of mostly makes the story distant from its original concept. And also due to the high number of sappy and cheesy dialogues or scenes, some might even find the movie nowhere close to reality.  But keeping all these aside one can still enjoy this film as an emotional film.

With its sappiness and cheesy element, the film still has the potential to reflect on us and touch our hearts with the heartwarming story of the couple. The film is also accompanied by some good music. This movie is a one-time watchable but has the right elements to keep you entertained for that one time.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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