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Always Feel Connected with ‘The Boys’ as Amazon Launches “VNN: Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman”

Vought News Network: Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman will premiere one episode every month on 7 on Vought International Youtube Channel

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Amazon is not letting go of the hype of ‘The Boys’ upcoming season anytime soon. In the process of keeping up the build-up to the upcoming season, Amazon has launched news segment series which will premiere every 7th of the month till the arrival of season 3 of ‘The Boys.’

The news segment will be called "Vought News Network: Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman," and will serve as propaganda for the Vought Industries. The monthly episodes will deliver the top 7 news headlines from ‘The Boys’ universe (Vought). It will contain everything from what happening in the Vought U.S. politics, what's going with the Homelander and the Seven, the latest happenings from Vought headquarters, which SCF movie (Seven Cinematic Franchise) is hitting the theaters and lot more fun, serious and satirical contents.

Actor Matthew Edison is starring in VNN's "Seven on 7" segments as anchor Cameron Coleman, he will also appear in the upcoming season 3. The news segments episodes will fill the gap and give you brand new information between seasons 2 and 3.

As you can watch above, the first episode reveals that the beloved leader (as per VNN) of the superhero group - Seven, Homelander has been missing in action since the Stormfront episode as he has still locked himself in the Vough Tower. 

The other updates (Vought-approved propaganda) include - U.S. military has halted the decision of Supes serving in the country's armed forces. "Dawn of the Seven" completes filming but no official updates. Blindspot still missing in action as the search continues after he disappears from a mission in Vietnam (FYI: Homelander squeezed him to death in season 2). Congresswoman Neuman (Claudia Doumit) has appointed Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) as FBSA senior analyst. Eagle the Archer continues his attacks on the Church of the Collective. Alastair Adana, the head of Church of the Collective missing in action (FYI: his head already exploded in the final moments of season 2, thanks to Victoria Neuman). Starlight's new music video "Never Truly Vanish" continues to top the charts for the fifth week straight.

As you can read/watch above, the first 6-min episode (commercial satire included) has brought a lot of insights from the Vought universe and has instigated more curiosity about the fate of Hughie at Neuman's office and her secret and evil plans.

The next episode of Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman will arrive on August 7, till then keep exploring ‘The Boys’ universe from the comfort of your home.



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