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‘Amigos’ (2023) Netflix Movie Review - Full of Twists and Turns

The movie follows a man, who discovers his two doppelgängers online, which leads him to find new connections, but danger lurks when a hidden criminal past emerges

Riya Singh - Sun, 02 Apr 2023 10:42:18 +0100 3697 Views
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Amigos is a Telugu film that’s written and directed by Rajendra Reddy and it stars Nandamuri Kalyan Ram in a triple role (as Siddu, Bipin, and Majnu) and Ashika Ranganath. The movie was released on February 10, 2023, and after getting mixed responses it came to Netflix on April 1, 2023.

The film starts with a fight scene and then we’re shown a site that helps people in finding their doppelgangers (look-alikes). The concept of doppelgangers is used in the film. Various news articles regarding celebrities and people finding their doppelgangers have been shown. Siddu is being forced by his family to get married but he wants an interesting girl. Thus, he is waiting for the right girl to come into his life. One day while he was sitting at a cafe, he spots Ishika who is the perfect girl for him. To woo the girl, he plays various tricks, and finally, she says yes to this alliance.

While Siddu was at a club, a man introduced him to a site that helps in finding doppelgangers. Siddu found two doppelgangers and met them in Goa. It was initially friendly between the three of them, and they were enjoying each other's company. Siddu wasn’t aware of Bipin’s aka Michael's intentions behind this meeting and falls into his trap. What follows is a series of events that couldn’t be expected. Siddu’s plan doesn’t always go on the right track, and to make sure of everyone’s survival around him, he had to play risky games.

Bipin was a wanted criminal as well as an arms dealer with a vision for the Indians to have easy access to guns, just like the matchboxes. NIA was trying to catch Bipin as he was planning to commit a huge crime with Douglas on August 15. The NIA has been after Bipin for a long time and they fail in their every attempt to catch him. This cat-and-mouse chase resulted in some losses as well for Siddu, but this man dared to sacrifice himself for the sake of everyone else.

Amigos is a whole package on its own. It has romance, drama, action, and suspense, and is full of thrill. The film has a huge target audience and there’s not a single thing that I disliked in the movie. The actor Kalyan Ram has aced his roles in playing the part of Manju, Bipin, and Siddharth. Such versatility in a single film is rare to watch. I’m all praises for him. Though Ashika Ranganath had a small role to play, the woman did a fairly well job, and chemistry with the male lead could also be seen.

Kalyan Ram single-handedly made this film a piece of art. Out of the four main characters, three were played by him. The man had a huge responsibility on his shoulders and he never was seen out of the role or mixing them. I’m eager to watch his other performances as well now. Action scenes in the film also seem to be believable contrary to the belief the audience has regarding the same topic in the South Indian film industry.

The movie ended on an open note, and I’ll be more than excited if its second part gets made in the future. The concept behind Amigos was unique and it proved that too much inquisition can also be bad. Amigos is a 136-minute-long film, and there isn't a single scene that’ll bore the audience. In all, it is a must-watch film for all lovers of this genre.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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