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Anne+ The Film Gets Trailer and Netflix Release Date

The film follows a twenty-something lesbian university graduate Anne in Amsterdam preparing to move for Montreal while balancing her social life and writing career

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Netflix has revealed the first trailer and release date for the Dutch-language film Anne+. Sequel to the 2-season TV series of the same name, ANNE+ The Film will release on February 11 on Netflix, worldwide.

The film follows a lesbian Anne, whose to-do list includes writing her book, packing up in Amsterdam, and moving to Montréal to be with her long-term girlfriend Sara who'd like to be polyamorous. It's all going to plan (sort of) until Anne meets non-binary drag artist Lou, who presents her a much-needed different viewpoint on love, life, and sexuality.

Directed by Valerie Bisscheroux based on a script by Maud Wiemeijer, the film stars Hanna van Vliet as Anne Eline van Gils as Lily, Jouman Fattal as Sara, and Thorn Roos de Vries as Lou.

In the first season of Anne Plus, Anne unexpectedly encounters her ex-girlfriend Lily as she moves into her own place. Lily was her first girlfriend, and a lot has transpired in the four years since they parted up. Over the weekend, Anne focuses on the relationships she has formed during her time as a student in Amsterdam. In six episodes, we learn about Anne's chaotic love life and how these numerous girls and relationships shaped who she is now.

In season 2, "Anne appears to have a lot going for her; she works at a creative firm, has a lot of close friends, is dating a wonderful girl, and lives in a great apartment in Amsterdam's city center." But she is still restless. She wants to change careers but doesn't know where to begin and is often distracted. Especially when an ex-girlfriend shows up on her doorstep while she is already experiencing problems with another ex. Her parents appear to have their own issues to deal with, so she can't rely on them to assist her. And her friends appear to be preoccupied with something other than what is going on with Anne."

Both the seasons of this series are also available on Netflix to watch. ANNE+ The Film was first released in theaters on October 14, 2021, in the Netherlands.



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