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Apple TV+ ‘City on Fire’ Episode 7 Review - Comas, Bombs, and A Family Reunited

The episode follows a tangled web of bombs, betrayals, and unexpected reunions as secrets unravel and the stage is set for a fiery showdown.

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 09 Jun 2023 06:35:04 +0100 2899 Views
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Episode 7 of 'City on Fire,' aptly titled 'The Demon Brother,' catapults us into a whirlwind of revelations and reunions as the penultimate episode sets the stage for the thrilling finale. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and jaw-dropping moments.

We begin with a nostalgic flashback, where William shines as the charismatic lead singer of his band, with a young Nicky by his side. Sam, ever the devoted supporter, watches him perform, a testament to the deep bonds they once shared. But let us fast forward to the present, where the plot thickens and secrets unravel.

Sam's father, ever hopeful, believes he has caught a glimmer of life in her comatose state. Alas, the doctors remain skeptical, unable to find concrete evidence of her responsiveness. It's a heart-wrenching situation, hanging in the balance between hope and despair.

Meanwhile, the police launch a raid on Nicky's lair, determined to apprehend him and his cohorts. But, as luck would have it, the mischievous bunch has slipped away, taking their explosive payload with them. Oh, the cat-and-mouse game continues, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

In a surprising turn of events, Sewer Girl, plagued by doubts, questions Nicky's destructive plan. Her conscience cannot bear the thought of innocent lives being harmed. But, alas, her dissent is swiftly silenced, leaving her torn between loyalty and morality. However, the weight of her doubts grows unbearable, and she seizes an opportunity to break free from Nicky's grasp.

Amidst the chaos, Charlie, ever the brave soul, sneaks into the hospital to visit Sam's comatose form. He pours his heart out, revealing his intentions to turn himself in and expose Nicky and his gang. It's a testament to his unwavering loyalty and determination, as he fights against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Meanwhile, in the serene sanctuary of the lakehouse, William, encouraged by the enchanting Mercer, embarks on a poignant journey to reconnect with his family. The encounter with Regan and the heartwarming interaction with her children paint a picture of bittersweet reconciliation, tinged with the shadows of the past. A candid conversation reveals the unsettling truth of Regan's pregnancy resulting from a horrific assault and the subsequent adoption of her son. The family's discomfort is further amplified by the revelation that Armory holds more information about their lives than they do themselves.

But wait, for there is more. Bill, the ever-unyielding force, refuses to sign the papers demanded by Armory. Ah, the frustration on Armory's face is a sight to behold. Yet, in a mysterious twist, Bill goes missing after storming out without signing. Regan receives a call, setting her off on a search for her beloved father. However, a phone call from Bill himself brings forth a heartwarming reunion, a father and son embracing after fifteen long years apart.

In the midst of these tangled threads, Charlie and Keith find themselves in the hospital, both sneaking into Sam's room. Ah, the fates conspire against them as security apprehends the daring duo, leading them straight into the hands of the police.

Meanwhile, William, Regan, Bill, and Mercer converge upon Detective Ali, weaving a tapestry of revelations. It is unveiled that Armory has been funding Nicky's destructive agenda, aiming to raze an entire neighborhood to fulfill his own business interests. The evidence, hidden in Bill's disappearance, provides a powerful weapon against Armory's deceit.

As the pieces fall into place, Keith, burdened by his involvement, exposes Armory's dark secrets. The affair with Sam, the hidden envelopes, Keith's role as Armory's "bagman" – all laid bare before their incredulous eyes. Regan's pain deepens, but amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges. The evidence they possess paves the way for an arrest warrant against the manipulative Armory.

And now, we reach the climax. Charlie, now an integral part of the team, holds the key to the bomb's location. But destiny takes a twist as Armory receives a bomb threat and hastily escapes Detective Ali's clutches. Charlie, ever the determined hero, spots Sewer Girl in the vicinity, a beacon of hope in the darkness. Their paths intertwine, as he pleads for her assistance in locating the bomb. A race against time ensues as the city plunges into darkness, and Armory meets a fateful accident.

But as we near the end, tragedy strikes. Charlie, driven by a desperate desire to save lives, leaps into action. The bomb, precariously placed on the window washer's stand, threatens to shatter the fragile equilibrium. Then, the action happens - the city’s lights go out, Armory stabs William, escapes but gets into an accident, and the episode concludes with the medical team fighting valiantly to keep Sam alive.

In reflection, this penultimate episode, with its myriad twists and turns, left us breathless and yearning for more. The intricate web of relationships and secrets intensified, captivating our senses. However, I must admit that the abundance of information unleashed in this chapter felt overwhelming, straying from the principle of "show, not tell" storytelling. Nonetheless, the excitement propelled me forward, eagerly anticipating the final act where all shall be revealed. So, let us hold our breath, for the grand finale awaits, ready to consume us whole.

Final Score- [7/10]



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