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Apple TV+ ‘Hijack’ Episode 3 Review - Deception and Danger Escalate in ‘Draw A Blank’

The episode follows the authorities on the ground as they investigate the hijacking, as Sam and Yussuf devise a plan to save the passengers, culminating in a shocking cliffhanger.

Anjali Sharma - Wed, 05 Jul 2023 00:21:23 +0100 2150 Views
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In 'Draw A Blank,' the third episode of 'Hijack,' the intensity reaches new heights as the authorities on the ground start piecing together the hijacking puzzle. Clues from unanswered pilot radios and conflicting statements raise the alarm, and the plane's altered course adds to the growing suspicion. As ministers are alerted and flight and police crews from various countries join the investigation, they begin to uncover the identities of the hijackers among the passengers.

Up in the air, a former military passenger named Yussuf makes an informed guess that the hijackers' guns are loaded with blanks, not real bullets. However, his attempts to share this crucial information with fellow passengers are silenced, leaving the plane in continued peril. With no other viable options, Sam Nelson turns to Yussuf for help. The desperate situation prompts Yussuf to demonstrate how to distinguish between an actual bullet and a blank by drawing the two on a piece of paper.

As chaos erupts in the cabin due to various disturbances, Sam takes advantage of the diversion to make his move. Amidst the confusion of a missing girl and a fight between a passenger seeking insulin for his uncle and an angry hijacker, Sam initiates a daring plan to isolate and neutralize one of the hijackers. Sneaking towards the back of the plane, he confronts the hijacker, and a fierce struggle ensues.

However, a sudden turn of events puts everyone's life in greater jeopardy. Stuart, the lead hijacker, takes advantage of the commotion to replace the blanks in his gun with real bullets. The stakes skyrocket as the episode concludes with a harrowing aerial shot of the plane from the outside, punctuated by the ominous sound of a bullet being fired.

The brilliance of this episode lies in the skillful use of silence and music to build tension. Most of the episode lacks a score, allowing the natural sounds of the plane and the characters' breaths to intensify the viewers' unease. The impeccable sound design adds a layer of authenticity, making the viewer feel as if they are right there with the characters in the heart of the crisis.

Additionally, the direction in 'Draw A Blank' perfectly embodies the show's tone. The strategic use of close-ups and long shots enhances the feeling of claustrophobia and helplessness that pervades the hijacked aircraft. Each shot is carefully crafted to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, effectively immersing them in the perilous situation.

While 'Hijack' consistently excels in maintaining a gripping narrative, there were a few minor aspects in this episode that could have been better. One notable moment was when Idris Elba's character, Sam, got beaten by an older hijacker during their brawl. Given Sam's skills and resourcefulness, this moment felt a bit unrealistic and briefly took some viewers out of the intense atmosphere.

Furthermore, certain scenes felt somewhat extraneous, such as the physics professor giving a lecture at a university. While the show may have intended to provide some background on a character, these scenes seemed to serve little purpose and could have been better utilized to further intensify the primary storyline.

In conclusion, episode 3 of 'Hijack' delivers another pulse-pounding installment in this high-stakes thriller. 'Draw A Blank' expertly continues the intense and suspenseful narrative, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the next chapter. The meticulous use of sound and direction skillfully transports viewers into the gripping world of the hijacked plane. While a few moments may have raised some eyebrows, the episode maintains the overall tone and excitement of the series, making it a must-watch for fans of riveting and suspenseful storytelling.

Final Score- [7/10]



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