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Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 6 Review - Voices in a Void

The episode follows Aneesha’s team ambushed by aliens due to mysterious voices in Luke’s head, Mitsuki grappling with the alien entity’s mental influence, and the teens meeting a special someone in France.

Anjali Sharma - Tue, 26 Sep 2023 23:02:41 +0100 975 Views
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In the intricate web of 'Invasion,' Episode 6, aptly titled 'Pressure Points,' explores the frailty of human minds and the unseen forces that bind them. This installment presents a mix of striking moments and certain missteps that add depth to the ongoing saga.

Aneesha's storyline takes center stage as the team, under Clark's leadership, embarks on a perilous journey to rescue Sarah. However, the plot takes a sudden and rather perplexing twist when Luke, overcome by distress, begins to hear 'voices in his head' and senses imminent 'danger.' This disconcerting development prefaces an ambush by the alien presence. While most of the team manages to survive, Clark sustains an injury to his thigh in an unfortunate accident.

The tension escalates when Luke's mental turmoil leads to him hearing the very voices of the aliens who have now cornered them. The unexpected twist brings forth an intriguing dynamic as Luke manages to gain a psychological edge, effectively 'getting into the head' of one of the aliens. This unexpected advantage allows the group to escape, but the episode leaves us with questions about the nature of these psychic connections.

Mitsuki's storyline delves into her fragile mental state following the events of the previous episode. Her ability to communicate with the alien entity is under scrutiny, and she must prove her mental resilience. However, her hesitance to confront her past, particularly her relationship with Hinata, becomes a significant obstacle. The alien's attempts to manipulate her with her own memories set the stage for a psychological showdown.

Mitsuki's resilience shines through as she resists the alien's manipulative tactics and returns to the present. The alien's revelation of a glimpse into the mysterious 'other side,' the same place where Casper was glimpsed in the prior episode, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. Mitsuki's struggle with the 'voices in her head' culminates in a chilling revelation: it's the alien's language infiltrating her thoughts.

The storyline of the group of teens, led by Jamila and Monty, unfolds as they enter France and seek refuge in one of Monty's father's properties. The plot largely consists of bonding moments and emotional conversations among the young characters. While these moments are meant to deepen their connections and offer character development, they begin to feel somewhat repetitive and slow the episode's pacing. The attempt to introduce a love triangle subplot between Jamila, Monty, and Casper feels out of place given the dire circumstances they face.

Despite its uneven pacing and occasional missteps, Episode 6 shines in its emotional climax. The reunion of Jamila and Casper is a poignant moment that resonates with hope and longing. The episode also effectively weaves a thematic connection between the storylines, highlighting the notion that the 'voices' or the 'alien presence in their heads' might be an integral part of the alien language.

'Pressure Points' adds layers of complexity to 'Invasion' as it delves into the vulnerabilities of the human psyche and the enigmatic connections between the characters and the alien entities. The episode keeps us engaged, even if certain elements could have been executed more effectively. As the narrative progresses, the mysteries deepen, leaving us eager to uncover the secrets lurking on the horizon.

Final Score- [5.5/10]



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