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Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 8 Review - Seismic Shifts Ensue

The episode follows key characters uncovering hidden truths, from Trevante's fate in the military base to Mitsuki's brave confrontation with the alien entity.

Anjali Sharma - Tue, 10 Oct 2023 21:00:50 +0100 1276 Views
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Episode 8 of Invasion, aptly titled "Cosmic Ocean," plunges us further into the intricacies of its multi-layered narrative as it masterfully converges storylines and reveals long-kept secrets. While the episode does a commendable job of advancing the plot, there are some elements that could have been executed more effectively.

The episode begins with Trevante's daring descent into the enigmatic well, which has been at the center of mysterious occurrences. However, his adventure takes an abrupt turn as he gets apprehended by the relentless military forces guarding the area. Unfortunately, Trevante's storyline in this episode feels somewhat underwhelming, lacking significant progression or revelations.

In France, we find Casper, Jamila, and their group making headway in their quest to uncover the truth about the comatose ward children's connection to the aliens. This part of the narrative holds promise as the characters collaborate to decipher the enigmatic 'other' realm they encountered. Yet, there are moments, such as the prolonged discussion between Jamila and Monty about Casper's potential link to the aliens, which could have been condensed to maintain a brisker pace.

Meanwhile, Mitsuki's mental state continues to deteriorate, marked by disturbing hallucinations. Despite her fragile condition, she manages to deduce that the mentally ill patients in their base are conversing in the alien's language. Mitsuki's storyline is intriguing, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic alien language. However, the repetitive attempts to push her back into the alien entity's realm become tedious and Nikhil's insistence on pursuing radical measures feels somewhat forced.

The subplot involving the missing people in the military base adds an extra layer of mystery to the episode. It hints at a clandestine operation involving those who were taken by the aliens and returned under classified circumstances. This narrative thread holds great potential for further exploration and could lead to significant revelations in the series' conclusion.

One of the episode's standout moments is the seismic chaos that ensues as Nikhil attempts to confront the alien entity. This seismic activity reverberates across multiple locations, including Ben's farm and the comatose ward in France, where the children's suffering intensifies. The connection between these events is palpable, emphasizing the interwoven nature of the characters' experiences.

The episode's climax sees Mitsuki's brave attempt to save Nikhil by entering the 'other' world without her protective suit. Her confrontation with the alien entity results in the revelation that Hinata is truly gone. This pivotal moment showcases Mitsuki's growth and determination, as she successfully destroys the entity and halts the seismic disturbances. However, the shocking twist lies in the aftermath, as Mitsuki realizes that the entity is a portal to the 'other' world, inadvertently closing their only pathway in.

In conclusion, "Cosmic Ocean" serves as a bridge to the season finale, weaving together various narrative threads and shedding light on the intricacies of the invasion. While the episode successfully maintains the series' mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere, there are moments where pacing and repetitive elements could have been improved to enhance the overall viewing experience. With the season's conclusion on the horizon, the stage is set for an explosive finale that promises to deliver answers to the many lingering questions.

Final Score- [6.5/10]



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