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Apple TV+ ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ Episode 6 Review - From Childhood Lessons to Social Change

The episode follows Elizabeth Zott as she confronts her troubled past, embraces social activism, and navigates her daughter's quest to uncover her father's secrets.

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 09 Nov 2023 20:58:27 +0000 907 Views
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The latest installment of "Lessons in Chemistry," titled "Poirot," takes us on a poignant journey through Elizabeth Zott's past, a peaceful protest that challenges societal injustices, and a powerful exploration of mother-daughter dynamics. This episode masterfully weaves together multiple storylines, although one aspect falls slightly short.

The episode opens with a compelling flashback to Elizabeth's childhood in Alabama in 1934, set in the Church of her father, a revered Reverend. The past is revisited throughout the episode, shedding light on her upbringing and the origins of her scientific passion. We see her father performing what appear to be miracles, and a young Elizabeth is captivated by these seemingly divine acts. However, it's her older brother John who eventually reveals the truth behind these "miracles." He imparts the valuable lesson that living a lie is worse than facing any perceived "hell," instilling in her the importance of truth and authenticity. It's a beautiful and emotional revelation that shows us where Elizabeth's love for chemistry and science truly began.

As the episode progresses, we shift to the present, where we witness Harriet's determination to lead a peaceful protest against the freeway construction threatening their neighborhood. The timely inclusion of historical events, such as Martin Luther King Jr.'s arrest, adds a layer of depth to the narrative, highlighting the pervasive social injustices of the era.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth faces a professional dilemma when asked to promote a new sponsor's product on her show. Her refusal to endorse the unhealthy product led to suspensions for her and several staff members. This side plot, while interesting, feels somewhat detached from the broader narrative and doesn't quite achieve the same level of engagement as the other storylines. Hopefully, it will be resolved satisfactorily in the upcoming episodes.

One of the most compelling aspects of this episode is the revelation of Elizabeth's brother's fate. He was tortured by their Christian parents for being gay, and the episode does not shy away from addressing this harsh reality. His tragic suicide casts a somber and heartbreaking shadow over Elizabeth's past, adding complexity to her character and illuminating the darkness she has had to confront in her life.

The episode also delves into the unfolding mystery of Calvin, as Mad embarks on a quest to uncover her father's past. Her efforts lead to dead ends, and Elizabeth eventually discovers her daughter's quest. This subplot adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, hinting at secrets and hidden facets of Calvin's life that are yet to be unveiled.

A particularly touching moment in the episode occurs when Elizabeth starts her show by promoting the protest on live television. Her decision to use her platform for a social cause, despite the professional risks, is a testament to her growth and commitment to her values. It showcases the evolution of her character and the fire of conviction that drives her forward.

The climax of the episode reveals a surprising connection between Calvin and Reverend Wakey. This revelation leaves us eager to explore this mysterious connection and the potential implications it holds for the future of the story.

In summary, "Poirot" is an emotionally charged episode that expertly combines the past and the present, demonstrating Elizabeth's evolution as a character. The tragic revelation about her brother's fate and the powerful demonstration of social activism are poignant highlights. While the sponsor subplot feels somewhat separated, it does not detract significantly from the overall quality of the episode. "Lessons in Chemistry" continues to captivate with its multi-layered storytelling and complex characters, leaving us eager to unravel the secrets that lie ahead.

Final Score- [9/10]



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