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Apple TV+ ‘Silo’ Episode 4 Review - New Sheriff in Town

This episode follows Jules as she uncovers new clues about the silo while working to form an unlikely partnership with Marnes, as he deals with the aftermath of Ruth’s death.

Anjali Sharma - Fri, 19 May 2023 07:29:37 +0100 6060 Views
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Warning: Spoilers for Silo Episode 4

This was one of the slow ones.
In episode 4 of Silo, ‘Truth,’ we’re transported back in time when a 13-year-old Juliette and her parents try to save her brother from an unknown disease. He wakes up, teases his dear sister as is his right and all seems well. Unfortunately, a few scenes later, we would discover that both he and his mother have died, leaving Juliette alone with her dad, Pete.

Cut to the present day, and Jules is called to investigate the murder of Mayor Ruth. Marnes is a mess, and everyone can see how much Ruth meant to him. But even amidst the chaos, Marnes is convinced that Ruth was poisoned, and it's up to Jules and the gang to catch the killer before they strike again.

Clearly, keeping this conversation under wraps is a top priority. They won't spill the beans until they've got concrete proof. Surprisingly, Bernard is starting to earn a bit of trust from me, especially after his lukewarm exchange with Jules regarding the stolen tape. I don’t know about Sims though, since near the end of the episode we do see him conspiring with Judge Meadows about secretly installing Billings as Sheriff.

As I said before, this episode was a slow watch. However, there were some beautiful parallels that drew me in. One that stood out was between Jules's past and present. In the past, her father Pete carelessly assigns her the task of taking her late mother and brother's belongings to recycling. Now, in the present, Jules finds herself back at the recycling area, teaming up with her old friend to search for a crucial hard drive she had given to the former Sheriff.

Speaking of Jules, her role as Sheriff doesn't exactly make her popular among her colleagues. Sandy, in particular, seems to hold a grudge, perhaps due to someone from the mechanical department taking Holston's place. Yet, Jules remains unfazed, displaying confidence through her subtle yet compelling actions, brilliantly portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson.

The next few events happen in quick succession (even though the scenes felt like they were stretched a little too much). First, Jules gets sworn in as Sheriff, only to stumble upon a file about the silo and a cryptic note on Holston's desk. And just when you think things can't get any more hectic, she's forced to dash down to the mids because Marnes is throwing punches at a guy he suspects of having the rat poison used to off Ruth.

Marnes and Jules do end up making a deal to work together after she tells him about Holstons’s signal, which makes me immensely happy.

And before we know it, we're whisked away to a flashback where Jules, armed with essentials and a forged letter from her dad, tries to find her place in mechanical. Walker, however, doesn't seem overly impressed by the resourceful child, though she eventually relents and offers her a gig in recycling. Ah, the beauty of parallels.

Zooming ahead, Pete finally realizes how he's let his girl down, as he stands in mechanical and absorbs her newfound love for the place. It's a bittersweet moment as he sets her free, aware of his own shortcomings. Walker, still unimpressed, keep up the stern act, but we can sense the sparks of a budding relationship.

Now the episode does pick up speed towards the end, impressively leaving us with not one but two cliffhangers. Firstly, Marnes is attacked by a mysterious man bathed in shadows as the scene cuts, leaving us wondering about his fate. And if that weren't enough, Jules uncovers a file on George Wilkens hidden in the AC duct of Holsten's apartment, her eyes widening with anticipation. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Although this episode of Silo didn't quite match the greatness of its predecessors, it still had its moments to savor. We were treated to a deeper understanding of Jules's relationship with her father, which added some much-needed depth to her character. And let's not forget the adorable development of Jules and Marnes' partnership; it was genuinely heartwarming to hear her refer to him as a "friend."

But what truly stood out in this episode was the dark humor sprinkled throughout. The writers cleverly teased us with insinuations that Marnes was about to end his life, only to reveal him engaging in mundane activities instead. It was a wickedly delightful twist that kept us on our toes. While it may not have been as strong as previous episodes, this installment of Silo still managed to entertain and leave us craving more.

Final Score- [7/10]
Premiere Date: May 19, 2023, on Apple TV+



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