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Apple TV+ ‘Silo’ Episode 8 Review - Unmasking the Puppetmasters

The eighth episode follows Jules as she unravels the truth about her mother's tragic past and faces the shocking betrayal of those she trusted most.

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 15 Jun 2023 22:29:16 +0100 3014 Views
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Warning: Spoilers for Silo Episode 8

Episode 8 of Silo, titled 'Hanna,' takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as we delve deeper into Jules's journey and the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding her mother's suicide. Let me just say, this episode had me in tears! The storytelling seamlessly shifts between poignant flashbacks and present-day revelations, leaving me captivated and emotionally invested from start to finish.

We finally get a glimpse into Jules's past with her mother, Hanna, and it's both heart-wrenching and illuminating. Hanna, devastated by the loss of her son, embarked on a mission to help others facing similar medical conditions. However, her audacity to bypass the Judicial's approval led to a devastating confrontation where her groundbreaking machine was mercilessly destroyed before her eyes.

At that moment, she even pointed an accusing finger at her own husband, Pete. But here's the twist: it wasn't Pete who betrayed her; it was the hidden cameras all along. That realization hit me like a ton of bricks. The reconciliation between Jules and her father in the present, as they unravel the truth, brought tears streaming down my face. It was a deeply moving and cathartic moment that showcased the power of forgiveness and the strength of their bond.

The episode effortlessly weaves together past and present, building suspense and tension. Following the fallout from the previous episode, Jules manages to evade Judicial's goons and safeguard the precious hard drive. However, the next morning, those agents tear through the police office, turning it upside down in their relentless search.

But justice finds its way when Deputy Billings, the unsung hero, cleverly employs his knowledge of the pact to have Sims arrested for his blatant disregard of the protocol. The sight of Sims behind bars was immensely satisfying, although his smug look dampened my sense of victory. Can't catch a break, can we?

As Jules digs deeper into the contents of the hard drive, she enlists the help of Lucas, her star guy. Sadly, their connection becomes strained, as he misconstrues her intentions and believes she's merely using him. I found myself yearning for them to find common ground, to understand the gravity of the situation.

After all, Jules reveals the chilling truth about the Judicial's omnipresent surveillance, the cameras watching everyone's every move. But hey, things are never that simple in Silo. When Jules confronts Mayor Bernard at the silo farm to share her shocking discoveries, a jaw-dropping plot twist unfolds. Bernard, the one I was starting to like, is revealed to be the mastermind pulling the strings. Sims was just doing his dirty work. Talk about a gut punch!

To further their manipulative agenda, they concoct a false claim, twisting Jules's words to make it seem like she wants to leave the silo. And according to the pact, that means she'll be banished. The episode ends with Jules daringly leaping over the railing, escaping Billings' grasp, leaving me on the edge of my seat, desperate to know what happens next.

I must say, this episode left me breathless and craving for more. The relentless pace of events swept me away, and before I knew it, the episode had flown by. The emotional weight of the scenes, particularly the moments of forgiveness and bonding between Jules and her father, resonated deeply within me. It's a testament to the exceptional storytelling and the performances that touched my heart.

However, I can't help but feel that Deputy Billings deserved more prominence beyond his tremors. There's untapped potential in his character that could add further depth to the narrative. Hopefully, future episodes will explore his arc and give him the spotlight he deserves.

In conclusion, 'Hanna' delivers a captivating and emotionally charged episode that tugs at the heartstrings while keeping us on the edge of our seats. The fusion of past and present, the shocking revelations, and the ever-increasing suspense leave me eager to witness Jules's next move. Silo is heading toward a thrilling climax, and I can't wait to see where the story takes us next.

Final Score- [9/10]
Premiere Date: June 16, 2023, on Apple TV+



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