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Apple TV+ ‘The Crowded Room’ Episode 6 Review - Rya Takes Center Stage in a Gripping Shift of Focus

The episode shifts its focus to Rya, delving into her personal life and her decision to take on Danny's case, ultimately leading to an exploration of the complexities of her involvement.

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 29 Jun 2023 22:15:27 +0100 3399 Views
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In episode 6 of 'The Crowded Room,' titled 'Rya,' the narrative takes a significant shift as the spotlight turns to Rya, delving into her life and her decision to take on Danny's complex case.
The story opens shortly after the Rockerfella Center incident, delving into Rya's personal struggles as she navigates the challenges of motherhood and her career as a psychology professor. We witness her dedication to her research, which aims to expand the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). However, her work faces obstacles due to the prevalent sexism of the 1970s. It is during this time that Rya learns about Danny from a police officer, setting the stage for the captivating story that unfolds.

Unlike previous episodes that primarily focused on Danny's perspective, 'Rya' shifts the narrative to the outside world, emphasizing the police's skepticism and concerns surrounding Danny's account. They question the validity of his story, highlighting changes in his demeanor, lack of remorse, and inconsistencies in his recollections. The introduction of multiple personalities becomes evident, as Danny transforms into a charming, witty individual, even adopting an English accent.

Rya's sharp mind recognizes an opportunity to prove her aim of adding a new disorder to the DSM. Intrigued by Danny's case, she takes it on, determined to guide him toward self-realization rather than explicitly informing him of his disorder. This approach aligns with the underlying theme of the past five episodes, where Rya has gently probed Danny's experiences and emotions. Despite skepticism from the police, Rya discusses her theory of multiple personalities and their potential impact on Danny's actions.

Throughout the episode, Rya's deepening connection with Danny and her growing emotional investment captivate the audience. Amanda Seyfried's brilliant portrayal of Rya showcases her transformation from a professional driven by personal interests to a compassionate advocate fighting to prove Danny's innocence while grappling with the profound trauma he has endured.

Additionally, the episode provides glimpses into Rya's challenging personal life, demonstrating her dedication to her work at the expense of her relationship with her son and the difficulties she faces as a single mother. This added layer of depth humanizes Rya, making her relatable and further engaging the audience.

The episode successfully tackles social issues prevalent in the 1970s, such as sexism and stigma within the field of research and psychology. The narrative adeptly portrays these societal challenges without overshadowing the central storyline, effectively grounding the story within its historical context.

While the episode offers a captivating exploration of Rya's journey, one aspect that could have been improved is the visual differentiation between locations and time periods. The similarity in the settings of Rya's scenes and Danny's flashbacks, despite their chronological disparity, could have been better distinguished to enhance the viewer's immersion in the narrative.

In conclusion, episode 6 of 'The Crowded Room' delivers a powerful and emotionally charged exploration of Rya's involvement in Danny's case. The portrayal of her evolving empathy and her personal struggles resonates deeply with the audience. Amanda Seyfried's exceptional performance captures Rya's transformation, engaging viewers and drawing them into the narrative. Despite minor shortcomings in location and direction, the episode expertly addresses pertinent social issues while unraveling the complex layers of the story.

Final Score- [8/10]
Premiere Date: June 30, 2023, on Apple TV+



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